The Application Process Part 1

5:29 pm Hong Kong Education

By Anne Murphy
ITS Educational Services Ltd

The application season will be on top of you quite soon. As soon as the kids are back to school and the memories of your enjoyable summer are of the distant past, thoughts and efforts will be put forward in applying to schools.

Applications open from the end of August and go on till early January (only at certain schools). The process is very stressful because nothing gets your more in a knot than your child’s happiness and schooling. The numbers of international schools options that surround Hong Kong are numerous, with campuses expanding to new locations and new schools opening for 2014 academic year, but openings can still remain challenging. What if my child is not accepted? What if your child is accepted? You may be applying to 4 or 5 schools, spent a hard 30+ hours coupled with continued thoughts about where your child will be attending school for the next academic year. Remember, you know your child best and while sometimes places are few, you want to make sure you have as much information as possible

As education consultants, we know that lots of time, sweat and sometimes tears have been invested in this process by parents. We are here to help and navigate you through the process, so please drop us an email if you need help: [email protected]

Here are some central questions; is it truly a good academic fit? Will the curriculum suit my child? Are the teachers warm and supportive? Are the students welcoming? What does the school do to transition new students within their class? Is the Principal a central focus of the school? Does he/she get to know new students are their parents? What is the daily/weekly communication line between teachers and parents?
The general information merged with a diversity of detailed research can help guide you to the right school(s) of choice.

So how does a family go about navigating the application dates and deadlines? Feel free to comment on our Facebook Page: – and stay tuned for our next blog post.

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