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by Danny Harrington, Founder & Director, ITS Education Asia


One of the things I love about working in education is how collaborative the sector is. Last week I went to a conference in London where ITS Education joined with the University of Winchester and the Accreditation Service for International Schools in presenting to an audience of education consultants from around the world.

Both before and after the presentations the room was buzzing with conversations as people shared what they are doing and what their views and approaches to education are. Alongside the presentations, these conversations led on to all kinds of suggestions and ideas between the attendees. No-one was particularly pushing their own agenda and the suggestions flowed all ways in terms of potential benefit. Most importantly, the central message that everyone had and the central concern was:

How does this benefit learners?

This is the essence of education and educational progress. I was very happy to find that some of the things we are doing at ITS are right up there such as our online BTEC Business HND with live classes and our Certificate of Experiential Learning which utilises so much outdoor learning. I hope my own feedback was useful to others as well.

Many thanks to Richard at WEBA for organising. You can see the other pics on our Facebook page.

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