Don’t forget June SAT cancelled!!

11:09 am Hong Kong Education, ITS Educational Services

by Mike Li, Director of US Admissions, ITS Education Asia


We have had a few queries that indicate not everyone knows that the SAT schedules for June 2017 was cancelled in Hong Kong. Please make note of it if you were planning on that session.

Thankfully, this does not have a huge impact on most US-bound students. In any case, students find very little score improvement when they take the SAT consecutively in May and June – and we usually discourage it. Without the June option, students who do not take the SAT at their own school should register for the May and Oct SAT exams 3-4 months in advance, since thousands of students from China take their SAT at the AsiaWorld Expo as well.

Students should take not take the SAT more than twice (ideally students to take the SAT in May and Oct in their application year). We also, however, recommend that students take the ACT twice in addition to the SAT twice. The schedules stagger so students can take their first ACT in Apr or June and their second ACT in September. With the revamp of the SAT, preparation for the ACT and SAT is virtually the same. This also gives students an added bonus of having four chances at a top score, while only having to report two of them to the universities.

In short, the cancellation of the June SAT will not affect students in 2018 and beyond, as there are plenty of test dates to rally around.

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