ESF Applications for 2014-2015 Entry

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By Anne Murphy
Parents who are planning to apply for ESF’s Year 1 and Year 7 places in the 2014-15 academic year should submit their applications through the online Central Admissions System. Children born in 2009 and 2003 are eligible to apply for Year 1 and Year 7 places respectively.
Key dates for ESF Central Applications for 2014/2015 Year 1 (children born in 2009) and Year 7 (children born in 2013):

1-30 September: Central application period for parents to submit application:

3 September: Nomination Rights application open:

4 October (Year 7), 7 October (Year 1): Deadline for receipt of supporting documents at ESF Centre

7 October (Year 7), 11 October (Year 1): Acknowledgment email sent to parents to advise admission process

8 October (Year 7), 22 November (Year 1): ESF sends out interview/assessment status notification letters. Invitation to interview with guarantee place if successful; or Invitation to interview with entry wait list place if successful; or Confirmation of wait listing for possible future interview opportunity

15 October (Year 7): Deadline to confirm attendance at assessment by payment of external assessment fee

18 October (Year 7): Parents sent email confirming assessment venue and timing

26 October (Year 7): Assessments conducted at either Bradbury School or Beacon Hill School

15 November (Year 7): Applicants notified of interview timings (if required)

25 November – 4 December (Year 7): Interview period

9 December (Year 7): Applicants sent letters to confirm assessment result

20 December (Year 7): Deadline to confirm places offered by payment of deposit and refundable capital levy

6 – 30 January 2014 (Year 1): First round interviews conducted at primary schools

10 February 2014 (Year 1): Applicants sent letters to confirm interview result

24 February 2014 (Year 1): Deadline to confirm places offered by payment of deposit and refundable capital levy

February – August 2014 (Year 1): Further interviews conducted by primary schools as necessary.

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