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Anne Murphy recently met with Annie Sexton who is Manager and Head teacher at Geo Education Centre. Located on Caine Road, just across the road from Woodlands Montessori, the new Kindergarten for children aged 6 months up to 42 months opened in December 2012. It has 3 large classrooms and an indoor playground. It’s bright, colourful and all materials used in constructing the inside of the premises are eco-friendly.

The curriculum has been designed based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage. This ensures focus on the unique child, encouraging the formation of positive relationships, providing enabling environments and basic learning and development.

Annie, who are the founders of Geo Education?

The founders of Geo Education are local entrepreneurs looking to provide a fresh new playgroup centre that offers high standards of care and early education. They have spent a great deal of time researching the education sector and realized the increased demand for early education due to the competitive nature in Hong Kong.

What is unique about Geo Education compare to other Kindergartens in Hong Kong?

An important focus of our curriculum is developing self-care skills. We aim for our children to become confident, independent and prepared for the next step in their educational journey. Also, our program includes an innovative approach to learning conversational mandarin. In terms of our classes, Geo has a low student-teacher ratio with 8 to 10 children per class. We also include an innovative Mandarin program in which children are taught Mandarin 15 minutes per class with a focus on practical, daily use. Our staff is also something that makes Geo Education Centre unique. We have teachers from all over the world. Miss Barbara is from the UK, Mr. Val is from Canada and I’m from the US.

What is your policy about parent involvement?

Something very important to us at Geo Education Centre is our ‘Parent Partnership’ and there are many ways in which we can work together. For our Caterpillar Class (accompanied), parents will receive a monthly curriculum calendar covering the month’s curriculum goals. Parents are also welcome to schedule a meeting with the class teacher at anytime to discuss their child’s progress. For our Grasshopper Class (unaccompanied), there are several ways for parents to stay in touch with their child’s class teacher. In addition to the above, each student is given a message book where parents and teachers can freely communicate information about the child’s day at school or events happening within the family. Further, parents of those in Grasshopper Class will receive one photo email per week to get a glimpse of their child’s experience at school. Children in Grasshopper Class will also receive a progress report after attending classes for 3 months. This will help us work together with parents to focus on areas in which children need more practice while marking achievements in other areas.

How much priority to you place on physical activities and languages?

Physical activity and exposure to new languages both hold an important place in development. Physical activity focuses on a wide range of activities including moving and handling, self-care skills, music action songs, dancing and playtime. In terms of language, we focus mainly on English along with daily Mandarin practice. English is practiced throughout, with special focus during Circle Time, Reading Time, Snack time and Story Time. There is also special attention given to courtesy phrases and politeness when addressing teachers and adults.

Annie, could you please explain the admissions process?

Before the application and admission process, we strongly suggest the parent to make an appointment to tour the facility and meet the teachers. We encourage the child to come in with the parent as well to get a feel of the new surroundings. The admission process is based on the availability of the class. The student may start the class at any point during the year.

To learn more about Geo Education Centre contact Annie Sexton on [email protected] or visit their website:

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