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Hong Kong children are some of the most time-managed and tutorial-class taking in the world. With all of the pressure put on students to learn and excel, parents have the right to expect that supplementary classes are as well-managed, educationally sound and effective as they possibly can be, and children have the right to enjoy useful, fun and engaging lessons that will help them in their current and later study, and in their lives beyond the classroom.

So what should someone pay attention to if they are considering enrolling their child in a group language education class?

1.) Curriculum and materials- The curriculum design and choice of learning materials is of critical importance and is best done by EFL experts; teachers and consultants familiar with the latest EFL teaching methodology. ITS offers two Young learners programs, PTE Young Learners and Cambridge YLE, and the curriculum for both courses works as both an all-around English-language improvement class and also as useful preparation for the exams themselves.

2.) Class size- It goes without saying a smaller class gives students more opportunities to interact with the teacher and with each other. Small classes work especially well in language learning, as the less-confident students in well-managed classes tend to work at the level of the more advanced students, and given the proper learning tools, students even begin to teach each other!

3.) Teacher involvement- All classes are made of individual students, and have a different dynamic. Good teachers respond to these different class styles and can make the lesson even more interesting and effective, and be able to provide more detailed feedback as to a specific child’s strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions on how to further improve their language skills.

4.) Support- Effective teaching methods and skills should be ever-evolving, and teachers should be given the support, training and encouragement to improve existing skills and develop new ones, and teachers then support the children in their classes to become better learners and better people.

5.) Joy in learning- Effective learning can and should be a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

These are a few things to look for to ensure that your child’s learning experience is as effective and positive as it can be. Please contact us for more information about ITS’s new group English classes!

summer camp in Hong Kong

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