HKDSE has now gained recognition by UCAS

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The new Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) has now gained recognition by UCAS (University and Colleges Admission Service) in the UK. This means that students who are studying within the local system in Hong Kong can apply for a degree place in the UK and their secondary qualification will be assessed in a way that is standardized and fair. Students will know how many tariff points they will receive for a particular grade in a subject, thus making it possible to predict the grades they will need in order to qualify for entry to particular courses in particular universities.

The assessment received from UCAS suggests that the HKDSE can be confidently thought of as equivalent to UK A -levels, as, in the past the HKALE was equivalent to the UK A-level. This will be very pleasing to parents and students alike.
Under the tariff points system adopted by British universities, a certain number of points are needed as an entry requirement for a course. These points are dependent on the type of course, as well as the quality of the university. Each grade level attracts a certain number of tariff points. The recently released assessment of the HKDSE shows that the points the qualification attracts are strongly in line with those awarded to grades in the UK.

There might, however, be a couple of minor issues with this assessment. It has been believed in Hong Kong that it is more difficult to achieve an A grade in HKALE than in UK A levels. If this belief is still held about theHK DSE, then giving virtually equal status to an A grade in Hong Kong and the UK still might not address this imbalance. Also, the majority of UK universities often stipulate that students should receive at least a C grade at GCSE English (and sometimes Maths) as a requirement for entry. At the moment, HKCEE is seen as an equivalent to the GCSE so students with an HKCEE grade of C or better in English are able to apply to a UK university. Those without a GCSE or HKCEE are assessed on a case by case basis or are required to take a language exam such as IELTS. Now the HKCEE is being phased out, the IELTS exam will become more common.

The assessment by UCAS is an important step for the HKDSE. Parents who were worried about the problems facing the 2011/ 2012 cohort in terms of university entrance in Hong Kong, should now feel another option has been opened for them, since the UK will find the new qualification as acceptable as the one it is replacing.

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