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March 2013
By Anne Murphy

ITS Educational Services clients will now have access to a full continuum of family services, from Baby Planning, Eco-Consultations and Domestic Helper Placement Services, with one single point of contact. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Baby Bloom, Hong Kong’s leading experts in Baby Planning, Eco-Care and Domestic Helper Placements.

As Baby Planners, they relieve parents-to-be from the feeling that understanding baby gear and the many options they have while expecting should need more research than a college thesis! “We love providing couples with all the guidance, support and resources to make it easy, fun and stress-free and we’re passionate about giving parents a sense of confidence and comfort”, says Sarah Sanesi, Founder of Baby Bloom.

Moving with children is among life’s major stresses: the demands of a new job, a new city and a new culture all add up. Finding the best school for children and sorting out domestic help and even making plans for a new baby are always the top list of priorities for these families. Through our close contact with assisting these families, we know that many are worried about moving to Hong Kong not just due to finding a suitable school but also due to pollution and environmental issues. This is why we decided to seek a valuable service that will offer high quality support to our families. Baby Bloom provides education and resources to families in order to allow them to protect their loved ones from unsafe exposure to potentially toxic substances in their home, on their body and in their environment, so people can recreate the safe-haven they were used to back home:

“We are thrilled to be working with Baby Bloom, to broaden our scope of special referrals to our relocating families, and to make the transition to Hong Kong easier for them”.
Anne Murphy, Director of ITS Educational Services.

Along with the above, ITS continuously receive queries from relocating parents about finding a helper for their family. We knew we needed to find a company that provided helper placement services for our relocating families: a company we could trust that would recommend loyal, trustworthy and experienced helpers to our clients. Sarah says: “Hong Kong is home to 300,000 foreign domestic helpers and yet, everyone around us had horror stories and anxiety attacks about finding and hiring the right helper”. We used our experience as trained Baby Planners, along with that of volunteering for two domestic helper organizations in Hong Kong for several years, to provide clients with the best domestic helper placement services this city has to offer”.
Baby Bloom works closely with you every step of the way – locating, interviewing, hiring, managing and even training the best domestic help. Baby Bloom has set a new standard for what passes as “good help”. Maid For You, Baby Bloom’s newest service, offers the clients who don’t need personalized services the opportunity to get unlimited profiles for a small monthly cost.

Everyone at ITS Educational Services is extremely excited about this integration partnership, as we know how much our clients will benefit from these extraordinary services.

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