ITS launches BTEC HND in Business

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by Danny Harrington, M.A.(Oxford), Founder, ITS Education

by Danny Harrington, Founder & Director, ITS Education Asia

One of the things we have always tried to do at ITS is to open opportunities by providing alternative educational pathways. From day one, one of our main aims has been to allow students to access traditional qualifications in non-traditional ways and to bring new, 21st Century learning options to all, breaking down the barriers to opportunity that rigid mainstream schools often impose.

In 2016, we are taking the next step towards this goal by introducing a fully online BTEC HND in Business. The BTEC has been around since 1984 and has become a very well established ‘alternative’ route in England and Wales. It covers a number of levels which roughly translate to student ages 14 through 22 years old and the equivalent academic benchmarks they may expect to achieve in the UK system at each. Thus a BTEC Level 3 is roughly the same as A-levels and a Level 6 is roughly a bachelor degree. BTECs can be used both to enter and progress through employment or as a way back to an academic outcome – many universities accept BTEC levels 4 and 5 as entry to years 2 and 3 of a bachelor programme respectively.

The BTEC is different because: it is assessed by ongoing project and assignment work and classroom performance, not examinations; there is generally more flexibility in the time taken to complete; the subject range is more ‘vocational’, although that term is becoming a little dated; and it provides a single system which can cover all the key levels of assessment we demand from formal education.

The BTEC HND in Business is a two year course leading to the Higher National Diploma [HND] qualification which is a Level 5 or equivalent to the second year of a degree. Hundreds of courses are then accessible either in the UK or at partner institutions globally to do a final top up year to complete a Bachelor qualification. Graduates of the HND can therefore either enter a job or a degree programme.

We have chosen the Business qualification as it provides a platform for a range of other degrees, including popular Business degrees of course, and is very useful in its own right for young people wanting to enter or progress in the modern business world. It is particularly useful for modern entrepreneurs to get a foundation in business before they take those first risks. It is also ideal for students outside the UK who wish to gain a UK qualification but cannot afford the high cost of studying there. These students also do not have any travel costs, accommodation worries or visa issues.

We achieved BTEC centre accreditation in early 2016 and the first intake will start in September 2016. The course is also a world first, being entirely online using a combination of live classes, guided learning and self study. This contributes further to the flexibility the course has to offer and keeps the cost down. The tuition fees for the first intake are approximately USD15,000 for the entire two years – about half the price of attending a traditional university.

For more information please visit our BTEC page.

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