Marlborough College Malaysia – opens in September 2012

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Marlborough College Malaysia

The creation of Marlborough College Malaysia provides the opportunity for an educational beacon to shine brightly throughout the whole of South East Asia. Based on the best traditions of the English public school, Marlborough College Malaysia is a direct expansion of the UK school and is not a franchise.

The school will open its doors for pupils on 27th August 2012 after an ambitious building programme to provide outstanding facilities on a 90 acre site in Iskandar Malaysia, a ten minute drive from the Tuas crossing which links Malaysia and Singapore. It will endeavour to recreate the ethos, atmosphere, spirit and style of Marlborough College in England, (whilst recognising the environmental and cultural differences) and, to this end, significant numbers of Marlborough teachers, ex pupils and College Council members are involved with the establishment and development of the school.

When full, the preparatory school (age 4 – 11) will have 432 day pupils and the senior school (age 11-18) a maximum of 915 day and boarding pupils. The opportunity to be involved in an exchange programme with Marlborough in the UK will be part of the educational offering, as we endeavour to educate young people to be global citizens for the 21st Century.

In 2012, we are taking entry into all years from Reception to Year 10.

Our boarding community will enhance the quality of human interactions for those in our care, providing a safe environment in which pupils will have the opportunity to grow and maximise their potential. With dedicated Housemasters and Housemistresses and outstanding pastoral care, the structured independence of boarding life provides a platform from which all round development is assured.

We are guided by our belief that true education can be built upon a triple foundation of compassion, companionship and conversation.

– the willingness and ability to see the world through the eyes of another is a value which springs from out Anglican foundation and acknowledges our duty to build a fair and just society

– the sharing of life with friends and colleagues – both anchors us as individuals and strengthens us as contributors to joint endeavours and enterprise.

– is the means by which we can develop intellectual curiosity and academic enthusiasm. Learning is not a passive process, and conversation involves both listening and speaking, demanding the gradual taking of responsibility for one’s own ambitions.

Further information may be obtained at or [email protected]

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