New Learning Support Centre for Special-Needs in Hong Kong

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 March 2009

In Hong Kong, some International Schools have a few places for students with learning disabilities. If you are moving to Hong Kong with a child with a learning disability you may need to check what schools will be able to give your child the support he/she needs.

 If your child has special needs, a pediatrician should be able to give you information on the best schools and programs available to your child and for speech therapy you can talk to the school’s counselor or principal.

The good news for parents is that a new learning support centre for students with special educational needs is to be set up at the English School Foundation’s West Island School. The Centre will operate from September 2009 for 24 students in three classrooms with additional support areas and resources.

Currently, there are 77 learning support places across the ESF’s primary schools and 28 in the secondary sector. Another 60 places for students with moderate to severe needs are offered at the Jockey Club Sarah Roe School.

Children With Special Needs: What Parents Need To Know

 As a parent, you may request an evaluation of your child to determine his or her needs for special education. The evaluation may include psychological and educational testing, a speech and language evaluation, occupational therapy assessment and a behavioral analysis. Remember to take the following steps:

1. Meet with your child’s class teacher to share your concerns and request an evaluation by the school. If you feel your child needs special education, you can also seek an independent professional evaluation.
2. Keep careful records, including observations reported by your child’s teachers and any communications (notes, reports, letters, etc.) between home and school.


Parents should always advocate for their child and must be proactive and take all necessary steps to make sure their child receives appropriate services for their learning disability.

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