Newsflash: Initial IB Diploma results

3:30 pm Hong Kong Education

by Danny Harrington, M.A.(Oxford), Founder, ITS Education


The IB Diploma results day was 5th July this year and over 140,000 students worldwide now know how they did and therefore what options they have for the coming year. Of these about 70,000 will be awarded a Diploma and most of these will use it to access higher education of some kind. The IB continues to grow year by year as its broad curriculum approach appeals to modern pedagogy and as the growth in international schools and schools with an international demographic and/or outlook continues to increase. The IB Dip is a rigorous programme which does a good job of preparing students for university, particularly those who are academically strong.

At ITS we have a long history of supporting students from IB schools with their studies, both for the exams they take in academic subjects and in supervising preparation for their extended essay and theory of knowledge presentations. Students coming to ITS for support find their grades improve markedly. Many of our teachers have experience of teaching previously in IB schools and we have three teachers on staff who are registered IB examiners. Many of our staff undergo IB training with the IBO as we take our approach to supporting students very seriously. We also very often have our teachers seconded to IB schools where they cannot find suitable staff of their own.

We are very pleased to announce some outstanding results this year.

Of the more than 140,000 candidates worldwide, about 200 or so will get top scores of 45/45 points. This year in Hong Kong, 18 students gained the perfect score. Of these 18 students 2 supported their studies with ITS.

Our congratulations to them for their outstanding commitment to hard work and great all round performance.

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