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This article was published in The Hong Kong Standard on Wednesday August 5th, 2009

As the face of education in Hong Kong is changing, what exactly are the options for students who are interested in pursuing an International education?

The HKCEE is soon to be phased out, along with the HKALE, in favour of the new DSE.  One of the most significant issues about this change is that there is now one year less of senior secondary education.  Where once the HKCEE was seen as equivalent to the IGCSE, and the HKALE was equated with the UK A-level or the IB Diploma, it is now unknown how the new system will be assessed.  The fact that it is no longer in parallel with the UK system  is bound to have ramifications.

In fact, UCAS (the University and College Admission Service) in the UK has yet to award the all important tariff points to the new qualification, so how it will be accepted by overseas universities is uncertain.

For parents and students alike this has promoted a certain amount of anxiety and worry.  Fortunately, it is still possible for parents to take action which will safeguard their child’s future if they wish to study overseas.  Self-study and private IGCSE and UK A-levels are available, with the support of experienced and qualified teachers and tutors.  While these can be undertaken as a stand-alone alternative, it is also possible to add them on to a child’s existing schooling.  One of the positive aspects of the IGCSE and UK A-level is its flexible, module structure which allows students to sit for the exams in different exam sessions and add units together in order to “build up’ the qualification.

So for parent s who are worried about this untried system, consider your alternatives for an international education which can be offered through registered tutorial schools, even if the more mainstream education system does not appear to have your child’s dreams and ambitions at heart.

Sue Smith - International Education Hong Kong

Sue Smith

Director of Studies

ITS Tutorial School


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