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ITS has now completed its first year as a fully accredited Edexcel centre, with the first enrollment of students to be taught and examined by us having now received their results.

Both in terms of individual units and subjects as well as more global results, a lot of our students are now relieved and very pleased with themselves. For some of our high- flyers, who are aiming at top-class universities, the sight of the required good grades was very gratifying. Students were able to meet university offers or put grades ‘in the bank’ to build on in the future. The IGCSE results were equally pleasing. Students who needed solutions which were not available elsewhere are now able to show their grades with pride.

For the IGCSE, our passing rate was over 95% and our A* /A rate was 38%. Our AS passing rate was 85% and our A2 passing rate was 90%. Our A/B rate at AS was 50% and at A2 39%.

This is a tremendous set of results considering how many students came to us at awkward times of the year, having completed piecemeal parts of other courses, with illnesses, family upheavals and other situations which had removed them from their mainstream educational settings. It really goes to show what excellent teachers can do on a one-to-one or low student:teacher ratio basis with students from all kinds of backgrounds who have the desire to achieve and prove the doubters wrong.

The results achieved this year provide us with a positive and solid foundation on which to build our future as a provider of quality qualifications to all students who wish to access them regardless of their origins, ages and life stories. We are very proud of all our students.

By Danny Harrington

Co-founder of ITS Tutorial School

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