Rise in School Fees in Hong Kong

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School Fees

       Fees at ESF schools will rise by 5.3 percent from August 2010.

Fees at 11 primary schools will rise from HK$58, 100 to HK$61,000 and Secondary students who used to pay HK$89,250 will have to pay HK$93,000 if they are in years seven to 11, and HK$1,000 more if they are in years 12-13. The tiered fee structure for years 12-13 is due to the higher level of funding needed to support the curriculum.

ESF says that the income from the rise in fees are necessary to fund a 2 percent rise in salaries, improvements to the curriculum, and expansion of its international baccalaureate and advanced diploma programmes, as well as technology learning resources and special education resources.

As of March 2010, Tuition fee increases for kindergartens and private independent schools have not been released.

The Singapore International School will also increase its tuition fees from Aug 2010.  Fees go up from HK$69,500 to HK$73,000 for preparatory years; from HK$84,500 to HK$89,000 for the primary section; and from HK$96,000 to HK$99,000 for the secondary section.

Fees at the Canadian International School, the American International School and the Japanese International School will not be increased for 2010/2011.

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