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Hong Kong School Guide

HONG KONG – October 2009 – the very first Bilingual Hong Kong Schools Guide for newly-arrived parents, Hong Kong residents and potential families to Hong Kong.  

The Unique Hong Kong Schools guide is a must for parents who are moving to Hong Kong or moving their child from one school to another in the territory. It contains detailed information on school life in Hong Kong, education advice for children with special needs, details on how to plan your academic finances, how to evaluate schools, how to apply to different schools  – and a descriptive schools directory PLUS much, much more.

The comprehensive research, and education expertise of professional educators from International Tuition Services Limited, comes across in this educational well-structured, and easy to navigate schools guide. It contains practical information about how to choose the right school in Hong Kong and how to cope with waiting lists whether it’s your first-time applying for schools in Hong Kong or you are a Hong Kong resident. It is also a great tool for those living in Hong Kong and planning ahead for their child’s education or who require other educational information. The Bilingual Hong Kong Schools Guide is a resource that’s been written to make the school search easier.  

The Unique Hong Kong Schools Guide Book is not just a useful book for parents. It is also a good starting point for the general public that might be interested in Hong Kong educational matters and the various types of schools available from Kindergarten to Secondary.

  • the first bilingual schools guide of its kind.
  • the best parent-friendly guide to education and schools in Hong Kong and is uniquely designed to help find a suitable school.
  • features information on various schools in Hong Kong, plus independent research on specific educational issues.  


For additional information about the Bilingual Hong Kong School Guide, please contact:

International Tuition Services Ltd 

T: +852 2116-3916

E: [email protected]

E: [email protected]

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