The value of pushing for a degree and beyond

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Danny Harrington, Founder & Director, ITS Education Asia



Most high income countries now see between 50-60% of each year group enter a post-secondary qualification, many of which will lead to a bachelor’s degree. There are many opinions and arguments about whether this is a good thing, some of which we have addressed previously in this blog.

For those that have the luxury of being able to finance a degree without putting any strain on their welfare, we can only say that a degree must be worth it – for the experience and for the joy of learning, let alone the skills, network and employability factors gained. For those with low or no access to funds the decision becomes a lot more about a return on investment. We would still say that if it can be done it is worthwhile. But The Guardian publishes today a snippet with some feedback from employers about the value of taking a Master’s. And the only path to a Master’s is via a Bachelor’s. So it is yet another argument for continuing your education beyond school as far as you can. The return will come both in terms of salary and in terms of how far you can develop your career.

A huge amount of job satisfaction comes from the feeling of evolution as you progress. For many of us, to do the same job for 40 years is now unthinkable. Of course, you don’t have to jump straight in and there is a lot to be said for gaining work experience between degrees. Also, note that most commentators are interested in the skills-set a Master’s holder brings rather than the specific subject matter…..

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