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Debating at ITS


Our Instructors

Our team of instructors are critical thinkers and trained orators under the leadership of Sandeep and Albert. Their goal is to guide initiates in the programs to develop their intellectual framework in approaching the thematic areas that’s featured in many debates, as well as developing the mental faculties to critically assess the narrative of arguments that unpin the discussion of various issues that’s pertinent our society. Finally to culminate into articulate advocacy in the battle of the minds in live debates.

Albert Ma

Albert Ma
Albert is a veteran debater and former 2 year captain of the HKU Debate Team. Along with his partner, they were the first team from Hong Kong to ever break at Worlds (WUDC) and reaching semi-final, a record that still stands today. While at HKU, Albert also cofounded the Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society (HKPDS), which has since been a community driver for promoting debate. Since retiring from the HKU team, Albert has been invited to train winning teams in local tournaments and BP debates, and when he’s not training, you’ll find him as a volunteer adjudicator in local and regional tournaments.

Sandeep Chulani

Sandeep Chulani
Sandeep is a grandmaster and career debater since Assumption Worlds (WUDC) 2007. He’s been ranked as finalist if not champion in numerous tournaments both regional and international. With his extensive professional experience in the vast arrays of debating formats, Sandeep has been in the chief and finalist adjudication panels in many local and regional tournaments with highschool and varsity participants. Here at ITS, he will continue to inspire the next generation of orators and advocate by sharing his expertise with the team of instructors.


British Parliamentary Debating
Junior (Y 5-7), Novice (Y 7-9), Senior (Y10-13)

ITS brings together a team of trainers with decades of BP debating experiences. BP debate not only trains the mind with rigorous topics of discussion leveraged on in-depth guided research. But also develops the students ‘ability to manoeuvre and manipulate the multiplicity of critical narratives in reasoning. This debate format with four competing teams in a session and limited impromptu preparation time also develops student’s mental agility and teamwork as well.

Debaters will learn

  • How to research effectively
  • How to work as a team in pressured conditions
  • How to think critically on a detailed subject
  • How to grasp competing narrative and reasoning
  • How to articulate confidently and persuasively

This will help with

  • School and tournament debate performances
  • Interview for schools and universities
  • Academic writing for examination and essays
  • Students aspiring with elite subject choices

School Team Support
School Team Support Understanding the rigorous and packed schedule of the debating season during the school, ITS can also provide coaches to assist or lead efforts both on campus at the respective school or inhouse at ITS.

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