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Bienvenue en France!

ITS Tutorial School offers a full range of services for anyone learning or studying French. ITS caters for those students who are complete beginners, to those wishing to learn conversational French or for those undertaking external exams in French. ITS French tutors are experienced in the UK AS/A2 Levels, IGCSE French or IB French.

ITS offers unique and imaginative French classes for young children and toddlers.

Contact us by email or at 2116 3916 (Central MAP) or 2116 3258 (Tsim Sha Tsui MAP). Find a booking form here.

    IELTS Course

    ITS has a highly experienced teachers, to cover this specialized area.  ITS has been running classes for young children learning French in Hong Kong for many years.

    Here are some insights from ITS on how children learn French

    " The early years are critical to the brain development of a child.  What a child needs is to learn in a fun and stimulating environment.  Growing up learning French with a native speaker also ensures a good command of French by the time your child goes to school.

The process of interacting with other children, and learning how to solve problems stimulates the active use of the brain. This, then activates brain synapses and builds up a huge personal database of speech sounds associated with fun activities, resulting in a drastically expanded memory size.

When a teacher comes to know the child better, she is able to prepare material to suit their special interests giving a personal touch to the program.  It leads to greater involvement and interaction with the child."

Why Learn French?

French as a foreign language is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English.

French is a Romance language spoken in France and in 54 countries by about 175 million people around the world as a mother tongue or fluent second language.

ITS is now offering the following classes in French for these age groups:

French for toddlers and young children starting as early as 18 months old.

Distinctive groups are made to meet the knowledge (if any) and needs of each age bracket:

- Toddlers
- Juniors
- Preparation to the curriculum taught in the French schools
- School support

Each group benefits from its own specific teaching material.

French for children

For instance, in playgroups, using the method of immersion, children interact and learn by playing with toys they love to play with, plus songs, rhymes, stories, art and craft, phonics, etc. Many topics are used including the alphabet, colours, forms, at home, food and drinks, daily routines, animals. In a joyful atmosphere guided by a native language teacher, children feel happy and willing to participate. So, effortlessly they naturally acquire a foreign language and…socialization.

Individual assessment sheets reflect the progress and skills of the children.  The lessons are given from the Wednesday till the Sunday (inclusive).

Course fees: start from $290 per hour.

Summer classes are also provided.      

Contact us by email or at 2116 3916 (Central MAP) or 2116 3258 (Mong Kok MAP). Find a booking form here.

French class

Learning French at a young age

Learning French as an adult is not the same thing as learning it as a child. Children pick up language intuitively, without having to be taught grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. When learning their first language, they have nothing to compare it to, and they can often learn a second language the same way.

“Reaching children before preschool could offer the best long term economic return” (James Heckman, Nobel Prize)

Over the last few years, numerous scientific studies in several countries, have found that early aged babies are able to assimilate all the sounds they hear and to reproduce them, at speaking age, without any difficulty.

The sooner a child is exposed to the hearing of one or several foreign languages, the better he or she is able to memorize the necessary information for easy and correct expression in a language other than his or her native language.

ITS is fully aware of this phenomenon and has French lessons for babies and children employing this unique programme.

In a serene yet fun atmosphere, the children will quickly learn vocabulary and essential sentences, and they will be able to reproduce correctly with complete understanding.

They will also rapidly be capable of understanding and answering questions, responding aptly to the tasks proposed, singing and miming appropriately to the contents of songs.


Is it not enjoyable to learn and practice what you learn?

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