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Acceleration of schooling and the gifted

Educational acceleration is one of the cornerstones of exemplary gifted education practices, with more research supporting this intervention than any other in the literature on gifted individuals. The practice of educational acceleration has long been used to match high level student general ability and specific talent with optimal learning opportunities. The purposes of acceleration as a practice with the gifted are: 

  • to adjust the pace of instruction to the students’ capability
  • to provide an appropriate level of challenge in order to avoid repetitious learning
  • to reduce the time period necessary for students to complete traditional schooling

Acceleration practices involve allowing a student to move through traditional educational organizations more rapidly, based on readiness and motivation. Research documents the potential academic benefits and positive outcomes of appropriately implemented acceleration strategies for intellectually gifted and academically talented learners.

Acceleration options should be available at each stage of development in a child’s educational programme from early entrance to primary school up through early college entry in order to even out the curriculum challenge. Parents may also wish to seek out accelerative opportunities beyond the school setting in order to accommodate an individual student need that cannot be met in traditional school settings. 

Yet acceleration decisions should be made thoughtfully with the needs of the whole child in mind. Educators and parents should consider the child’s intellectual and academic profile, socio-emotional and physical development, and preferences and dispositions of the child relative to the decision. Acceleration may not always be the appropriate option for every gifted child. 

Factors that enhance the success of acceleration practices include:

  • positive attitudes of teachers
  • timelines related to the decision
  • parental support
  • careful monitoring of the implementation

Highly able students with capability and motivation to succeed in placements beyond traditional age/grade parameters should be provided the opportunity to enrol in appropriate classes and educational settings. (

Having a history of providing tailor-made educational services for individuals and being a fully accredited Edexcel Centre for both secondary and post-secondary schooling, ITS is ideally placed to help implement accelerated learning opportunities for children demonstrating clear criteria of ability coupled with the appropriate support background. ITS follows a FLIP learning pedagogy in a blended learning environment, in its schools and online, both of which lend themselves to the needs of gifted children more than any mainstream approach. 

The programme consists of Educational Assessment plus one of: 

  • early entry into specific IGCSE subjects
  • early entry into specific UK AS/A2 subjects
  • early entry into BTEC HND in Business

If you feel your child is academically gifted, please contact us to talk a counsellor about how ITS can help develop theirpotential at an accelerated pace otherwise unavailable to them in the mainstream system. 

For more information please call us on (852) 2116 3916a> or email: [email protected]

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