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IB DIPLOMA RESULTS 2018: Hong Kong students beat the world average

Remarkable scores achieved by Hong Kong students again this year - 38 students, including 15 from ESF schools, received full score (45/45 points). The average score in Hong Kong was 35.96 points, which is nearly six points higher than the global average. There were 218 students worldwide who achieved the perfect score of 45; at least 24 of these were from Hong Kong’s international schools.   Top scores Out of th . . .

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Merchiston International School: a top-ranked independent British school will open in Longhua District of Shenzhen, China in August 2018

The first British international boarding school has arrived in town. The Merchiston International School (MIS), Shenzhen, will officially open in Longhua District in August this year. MIS is the first overseas campus of Merchiston Castle School, a top-ranked independent school located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK with a history of over 185 years. MIS is also the first international school in Shenzhen providing an authentic Br . . .

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Letting Children Lead: Developing Skills for the Next Generation

How can young children direct their own learning? Will they not just want to play? These are common questions we hear at Fairchild where we provide an emergent curriculum based on children’s interests and where we make learning through play meaningful, impactful, fun and memorable. We observe children’s interests, we pose questions, and before we know it, there is room full of children engaging in discussion, askin . . .

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Creative makerspaces and flexible learning spaces to suit students’ learning needs

International schools in Hong Kong are beginning to set new standards with their architectural designs that focus on the best learning environment for students. Some of Hong Kong’s well-established and newly-developed international schools have spaces that promote co-operation and inspire students to become more engaged in a particular subject. A culture of creativity and discovery in Education: Makerspaces Schools su . . .

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Tai Po School Aims to be Asian Centre-of-Excellence

In the overcrowded metropolis that is Hong Kong, one visionary school is aiming to become Asia’s inaugural Forest School Development Centre. ICHK Hong Lok Yuen is leading a pioneering programme, which will culminate in the prestigious accreditation. The Tai Po school is set to achieve its vision of being a leader in outdoor learning and Forest School education by the summer. As well as the Development Centre status, . . .

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