Hong Kong Bilingual Schools (English & Mandarin)

In Hong Kong local schools the medium of teaching is predominantly, Cantonese. However, most children who attend local and bilingual schools (Putonghua (Chinese) & English) grow up speaking three languages.

Bilingual schools are extremely popular in Hong Kong bilingual schools. Parents from various backgrounds, not just Chinese families, are choosing these schools.

There are bilingual kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Here are the list of ALL schools in Hong Kong which conduct classes in Putonghua and English.

Chinese International School (CIS)

(Primary & Secondary)

CIS is one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious schools and is extremely competitive. It was the first school in Hong Kong to teach an international curriculum using English and Putonghua. Classes are conducted in 50% English and 50% Putonghua, one native English speaking teacher and one native Chinese speaking teacher are present in all classes at Primary level. Students come from diverse backgrounds, with over 30 nationalities represented. At the Secondary level, students pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years and Diploma programmes. The campus is located in the residential neighbourhood of Braemar Hill in North Point, adjacent to country park green areas. It is a member of the G20 Schools association. By 2023, all CIS students will be required to spend Year 10 in their sister boarding school in Hangzhou. The programme started in 2013 and had 58 pupils in its first year and 70 in the 2014/15 academic year.

Singapore International School (SIS)

(Primary & Secondary)

This school primarily cates to Singapore citizens and is run by the Singaporean Ministry of Education, thus ensuring a good selection of teachers from Singapore. Whilst the Putonghua is strong, the majority of classes are delivered in English and written Chinese is simplified characters. The school does not sell debentures prior to entry. The school has about 1,300 students from 20 nationalities, with Singaporeans and Hong Kong passport holders, forming the majority. Many non-Singapore parents are attracted to the reputable Singaporean academic teaching approach. The standard of mathematics and science is just as strong as the Chinese program. SIS does not cater to lower-level Chinese students and it sticks very strictly to the Singapore Chinese syllabus.

Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA)

(Primary & Secondary)

VSA is part of the Victoria Educational Organisation – children who attend the kindergartens operated by the organization have priority for VSA. Applications are not accepted from non-existing students. VSA is a student-centred community of academic and personal excellence, combining international persepectives and Chinese heritage. The primary section offers a bilingual education; the secondary curriculum is delivered in English and supplement by a strong Chinese programme. As a Private Independent School, at least 70% of students must be HK Permanent Residents. VSA students are encouraged to translate their learning into action by putting into practice their interpretation of the school motto: Virtue, Service, Action and testing their capacity for leadership. The school offers language support for students not fluent in English. Additional language classes are offered in Mandarin, French and Spanish. There are two types of debentures offered by the school prior to entry, which are Individual Debentures (HK$800,000) and Corporate Debentures (HK$3,500,000). Each student enrolled at the School is NOT required to subscribe for a Debenture. However, the child nominated by a holder of a Debenture will be given additional opportunities for reassessment and priority for admission to Year One of the School or Any Year class of the School. A Debenture does not guarantee admission to the School and any admission will be subject to, among others, the satisfaction of the admission criteria.

Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF)

Primary & Secondary

The Independent Schools Foundation Academy (The ISF Academy) is a non-profit private independent school providing a unique inquiry-based Putonghua and English bilingual immersion education. Classes are conducted at 70% Putonghua / 30% English at Primary till Grade 5 and then 50%/50% till upper high school with 30% English/70% Putonghua. ISF Academy students benefit from small class sizes which range from 5 to 16 students per class. The overall student teacher ratio for all grades is 6:1. As a Private Independent School, at least 70% of students must be HK Permanent Residents. It is a very Chinese-focused school with a global perspective. The school believes that learning is the active construction of knowledge best experienced through meaningful activities that foster exploration and creativity. The Academy is an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World school. Its Diploma results place it in the top tier of Hong Kong IB schools; more than two thirds of its graduates achieve the coveted Bilingual Diploma, twice the global average. The 31 graduates in the Class of 2016 received 218 offers from the world’s most prestigious universities. Debentures (Capital Note) from the school are fully subscribed and can only be purchased through the second-hand market. The most recent tranche of Capital Notes was launched with a face value of HK$6,500,000 in March 2015. The face value is subject to change for further launches. A Capital Note Debenture does not guarantee admission to the School and any admission will be subject to, among others, the satisfaction of the admission criteria.

Po Leung Kuk Choi Kau Yau (PLKCKY)

(Primary & Secondary)

Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School is a through-train private independent school for students aged 7–18 years old. CKY is a school with approximately 1,300 students. The school opened and moved into its new campus in September 2009. CKY is neither an international school nor a traditional local school, as it strives to offer the best of Chinese and Western education practices. At primary level, they use a co-teaching system to provide a truly bilingual (English and Putonghua, supplemented with Cantonese) environment. The curriculum follows the standard first ten years of primary and secondary education with the final two years spent on the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. CKY believes every child is unique and every child has different potentials. Therefore, we should neither turn them into identical products, not should we limit their ability to coping with examinations only. CKY mission is to develop and educate children holistically so that they will not only know how to learn, but rather how to live and lead a life of joy, health and success. CKY operates a co-tutor system for the Primary Section, providing a natural bilingual environment. Students study themes in both Chinese and English. In 2016, 70 students sat for the IBDP, achieving an average score of 35.76.

Kingston International School (KIS)


Kingston International School is a private co-educational primary school set up in 2002; it is affiliated with Kingston International Kindergarten. It is a small, privately owned school, with small class sizes and modest facilities. The Primary School has been authorised to offer the IBPYP since 2004 with classes conducted bilingually in English and Putonghua. Each class is led by 1 fully qualified native English teacher and 1 fully qualified native Putonghua teacher for a full immersive bilingual education.The Primary School graduates are able to move to their affiliated secondary school, International College Hong Kong (ICHK).

St. Stephen’s College Preparatory School


An extremely popular, Christian school, which has been opened for over 112 years. More than 1,000 children on average compete for about 100 Primary One seats every year. English is the major medium of instruction and Putonghua as the medium of instruction for Chinese classes. Classes are no more than 30 students (ratio of teacher to pupils 1:18). Besides, the School hosts an impressive variety of extra-curricular activities, with special emphasis on music and sports. Over dozen professional instrument tutors are employed to teach various kinds of instruments. (Each student learns at least one kind of instrument).

The School has put great efforts on nurturing students, training them to develop fervour for learning and proactive attitudes so a strong foundation is laid before they advance to the secondary level (St Stephen’s College). Since the Prep School is a direct feeder school to St. Stephen’s College, 96% of the Grade 6 students are allocated placements directly to the College.

One of the unique features is our one year compulsory boarding programme, which helps our students to become independent mentally, emotionally and physically. This 'home-away-from-home', gives them an opportunity to develop their inter-personal and intra-personal skills along with some useful life skills.

A ‘Fixed Term Note’ (Debenture Programme) was set up for entry to Primary One (HK$1 million) in 2015. The holder of a Fixed Term Note (“Note-holder”) is entitled to nominate one Nominee for a priority place to study in Primary One (or Year 1) of the Prep School in the 2017/18 school year provided the Nominee satisfies the Pre School’s admission requirements and standards. Under the scheme, parents buy a 12-year, non-transferable note issued by the St Stephen's Foundation - a charity set up by the college to support it and its subsidiary primary schools - for HK$1 million. They can redeem the debenture at face value if their children are not offered a place or when the debenture matures after 12 years. They will not receive any interest. The ‘Fixed Term Notes’ are currently sold out.

Kiangsu Chekiang Primary School


The school follows the local curriculum and use Putonghua as the main medium of instruction, with traditional Chinese characters. English is also taught daily. The facilities are basic and the primary school homework can be quite heavy. Their teaching methods are strict and a lot of it is repetition and rote-learning, similar to many traditional Chinese schools. Classes are large – about 42, with 3 teachers. The facilities are very basic but school fees are quite low. The school has a kindergarten section and children do receive priority in the admissions process for Primary One entry. There are no debentures for the school. The key to entry in Primary One is to already attending the kindergarten. Children enter Nursery at 2-years-old.

Yew Chung International School (YCIS)

(Primary & Secondary)

YCIS provides international education to expatriate and local children aged 6 months to 18 years. YCIS’s International Primary school curriculum is based on the framework of the National Curriculum for England with the added benefit of an extensive Chinese Language and Culture Programme, as well as the school’s Character Education Programme. YCIS Hong Kong offers CFL (Chinese and a First Language) and CAL (Chinese as an Additional Language) classes, each with multiple levels, to ensure that students receive an appropriately challenging Chinese-language course. The school also offers an EAL (English as an Additional Language), in Primary, there is in- or out-of-class support and in the Secondary section, there is parallel classes, providing the English Intensive Programme from Year 7 to 11. YCIS students have claimed Top in Hong Kong and Top in the World prizes in the June 2015 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, which recognize exceptional learners. For IB Diploma exam, in 2016, there was a 100% pass rate, with 19 students gaining 40 points or above. The highest score was 44 points (out of the maximum of 45 points), and the average score was 35.4 points (the world average being 30.07 points). Debentures are not available before submission and are mandatory only for Secondary school

International Montessori School (IMS)


IMS is the only accredited Montessori Primary School in Hong Kong. With multiple campuses on Hong Kong island each catering to children of different ages.
In the Montessori Primary Years Programme, the Chinese Language Programme offers a Montessori approach to learning in Chinese, in two streams. Children in Stream 1 are primarily native and ‘near-native’ Putonghua speakers, most of whom have attended the full 3-year Casa dei Bambini Programme at IMS. Stream 2 consists mainly of non-native Putonghua speakers who are interested in learning Chinese with an emphasis on the development of oral fluency. Stream 2 also includes classes that accommodate beginner language learners with no previous experience in Chinese. Both streams provide a very strong Chinese base for each student, as each child participates in small group language lessons based on ability, as well as experiences a dual language classroom. Additionally, IMS has developed its own specially tailored materials, such as leveled readers, which enable IMS to execute its Chinese language curriculum in alignment authentic Montessori scope and sequence. Traditional characters are taught in both for reading and writing.
A Capital Contribution Plan has been established to allow the School to ensure sufficient funds for capital improvements such as new premises, buildings and equipment, as well as enhancements to the school environment and learning. A Private debenture is HK$75,000 and a Corporate Debenture is HK$100,000




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