Computer Science

Students resources - email [email protected] if you wish to suggest a resource for inclusion.

These pages are general and specific resources that can be of use to students that are taking a Computer Science course.  Please email me if you have a good suggestion for a computer science resource site for this page.

IB Computer Science

  • IB Computing - It contains useful information and links to information related to the IB Computer Science program


  • Java Tutorials - This site contains lessons and examples for those who want to learn the Java programming language.
  • Java programming with BlueJ - This is the companion to the book by Barnes, David and Kolling, Michael “Objects First with Java: A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ”, Prentice Hall, a book about BlueJ (an integrated Java environment designed for introductory teaching). The environment BlueJ is available free for PC or Mac systems. The website features the Java compiler which had enormous support from teachers at a recent computer science course.

Online Technical Training

  • Lynda Online Training - This site offers a wide range of online trainings from application usage to learning how to program is particular languages.
  • Teach Me IT - A comprehensive repository of online training for computer fundamentals, online IT training, online computer training, java, web designs, certifications, online courses and many more.
  • Khan Academy - This is an excellent example of using videos to make a great site
  • Resources for Android Developers - A usefull set of links for people learning about devloping android apps.


I.B. Subject Resources

IB Resource Links

The following links contain a collection of subject specific resource links for IB and other students studying different subjects

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