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These pages are general and specific resources that can be of use to students that are taking a History course. Please email me if you have a good suggestion for a history resource site for this page.

Useful Resources

General Sites:


Primary Sources:

  • Hanover Historical Texts - In 1995, the History Department and Hanover students initiated the Hanover Historical Texts Project. The Project's principal aim is to make primary texts readily available to students and faculty for use in history and humanities courses.
  • Internet Modern History Sourcebook - Probably the single best Primary Source site in English. Includes links to many sub-categories.

Renaissance / Reformation:

English History:

First World War:

  • First World War - A link from Spartacus Educational with an indexed list of links to various topics dealing with the Great War.
  • World War I Document Archive - Primarily military history, easy to use, some fascinating primary source links (memoirs, biographical dictionary etc.)

Weimar Republic & Nazi Germany: 

Spanish Civil War:

  • Spanish Civil War - A link from Spartacus Educational. Good place to begin one's study of this topic.

Russian Revolution:

Cold War:

  • Cold War - Another link from Spartacus, but not as well-organized as others. Still useful, though requires a bit more time to browse through and find things.
  • Vietnam War - A Spartacus link, similar in its organization to the Cold War link, though shorter.
  • Cold War revision notes - Pretty thorough outline of major issues and events from 1945 through detente.
I.B. Subject Resources

IB Resource Links

The following links contain a collection of subject specific resource links for IB and other students studying different subjects

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