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These pages are general and specific resources that can be of use to students that are taking a Language course.  Please email me if you have a good suggestion for a language resource site for this page.

Useful Resources



  • Learn Mandarin Chinese from - This site offers an endless list of valuable references for learning the Chinese language using a wide range of resources, including from textbooks, websites, audio CDs and music.
  • BBC Chinese - Beginners at Chinese can benefit from this site, where you can learn the language using basic Pinyin and tones. There are also useful guides on how to master the various tones and Chinese characters as well as some fun games to practice your Chinese.
  • BBC - Languages - Chinese - Catering to a more advanced learner of Chinese, the BBC publishes their articles and featured news in Mandarin Chinese as well as English! One of the best ways of learning a language is to learn from authentic materials; there’s no better way to brush up your Chinese reading skills than to keep up with current affairs on China.
  • Chinese-course - Practice your Chinese with this website, a handy site that helps Mandarin Chinese learners revise words, phrases and sentences. The website also has a diverse array of sentences created by other users which are shared among learners. You can also contribute your own lists of sentences to add to the collection! Self-testing is available by using a flashcard software. A nifty resource for all levels of learners.
  • NCIKU - Another practical online resource. This site promotes collective user activity to accumulate copious amounts of educational materials. NCIKU also has a handwriting recognition tool which enables users to write Chinese characters with their mouse. As a result, users can enjoy the convenience of looking at how the various characters are formed in writing while they listen to audio samples. Stroke numbers are also available.
  • Chinese-tools - Work your way through the assortment of online resources here, where you can find Mandarin courses, dictionary and editor support, Chinese name translations and common Chinese songs and poems. The site also includes a Chinese calligraphy studio, annotation tool as well as converters for pinyin, Unicode, traditional and simplified Chinese, which are also useful for users who want to build their own Chinese websites.
  • Wikitravel Chinese Phrasebook - Propelled by the ambition to ease the stress of travelling, Wikitravel Chinese Phrasebook pools together a spoken Chinese phrasebook. The free website also displays in traditional Chinese characters.
  • XinHuaNet - An alternative source for news in Chinese is XinHuaNet, which is great for intermediate to advanced learners. The site also has updated videos of the latest news, so you can practice both your reading and listening skills.
  • ZhongWen - Understand the cultural background of Chinese characters and its writing system by visiting ZhongWen. The site is brimming with reading articles and other practical tools for learning Chinese.


I.B. Subject Resources

IB Resource Links

The following links contain a collection of subject specific resource links for IB and other students studying different subjects

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