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These pages are general and specific resources that can be of use to students that are taking a Mathematics course. Please email me if you have a good suggestion for a math resource site for this page.

Useful Resources

Fun and Games (Mathematical, of course)

  • IXL - Bright, colourful website full of educational games for little'uns. With more than a thousand topics, suitable for Pre-Kindegarten up to Sixth Grade.
  • Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
  • Gamequarium - Site with links hundreds of math sites containing games and interactive lessons. Probably more for the kids!
  • Mathopolis/ - site containing lots of simple yet frustratingly addictive games involving counting, estimation and memory. Try and get your name on the scoreboard!
  • Lumosity - Brain training for kids and adults alike. Free to demo and lots of activities to try out. Measure your 'brain BPI' and keep track of your records

Mathematics programs for the PC

  • GrafEq - A very useful graphing program with "natural display". Handles most explicit, implicit and parametric equations you can think of elegantly.
  • Geogebra - A very useful graphing program, not as powerful in plotting equations as GrafEq but has a lot useful functions, not least the "slider".
  • is a support site for the TI-83 calculator (popular in mathematics examinations), from which programs can be downloaded.
  • Omnigraph - Besides plotting graphs, analysing gradients or areas and solving differential equations, you can also draw polygons and reflect, rotate, enlarge or translate them.
  • Geometer's Sketchpad - Another popular software. Although the quality does come at a cost.




I.B. Subject Resources

IB Resource Links

The following links contain a collection of subject specific resource links for IB and other students studying different subjects

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