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The Hong Kong education and schooling system explained Hong Kong International Schools Crisis… and what you can do about it International Baccalaureate (IB) explained
Preparing for the SAT in Hong Kong The UK Common Entrance Exam 11+ 13+ explained The IELTS exam explained.
The Cambridge Young Learners’ Examinations. 41 tips and strategies to help students get an 'A' grade How to write a good research paper, coursework or extended essay considering the rubric requirements.
Be an achiever - Improve your chances of success Where's your information coming from? Lectures preparing, delivering and getting the most out of attending one
The Benefits and Opportunities that come from learning another language Why study physics and is physics relevant? The reasons why a student should study English literature.
The importance of business English in Hong Kong The advantages of using a computerized accounting package such as MYOB accounting software. The Native English Teacher - NET scheme in Hong Kong.
The 50 things we love about Hong Kong Globalisation - Wealth, poverty and sustainability Choosing and getting the career that is right for you
A First Class Journey – once you’ve got the AMG Raising money for a business venture in Hong Kong A comprehensive guide to recognising and solving problems


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IGCSE and A-levels in January 2018 Is home-schooling a realistic option in Hong Kong? The first full range of International A-Level lessons ever available Online brings university entry possibilities to millions around the world
These schools want to wipe away gender stereotypes from an early age. The End of Australia’s car-making industry. Robot automation will ‘take 800 million jobs by 2030’
When exam results go wrong… Strauss-Howe Generational Theory – is it the new crystal ball or pseudo-science? Downloading of Culture – 2
Why might you consider the alternate BTEC route to a degree? The "Downloading" of Culture – 1 Is Psychology the course for me?
Of man and apes Why study Geography (still)? The Hive Mind (the WWW)
So you don’t think Physics is useful? Virtual tribalism Continued – A Virtual Facebook tribe Virtual tribalism – “The Medium is the Message”
All men think with their Amygdalas! … So do all women! trump’s Lies – Implications for Democracy Memes – A unit of culture
Why Are Democracies Failing Us? BBIS2: Developing our Future Workforce – Innovation in Education Are Humans logical? – BREXIT, Clinton VS trump …
How well would YOU do on your A-levels now? Hope for international students to UK? Sewing as a therapy that leads to so much more
Hong Kong’s waste problem How Western Civilization Could Collapse ITS and Schoolsmart sign collaboration deal
When the cost of an education is definitely worth it Don’t forget June SAT cancelled!! British universities fight to keep the door open for international students
Beware school league tables Should I take a 2-year, accelerated bachelor’s degree? Leading by example
Flexible learning in the 21st century We cannot live on grit alone Brexit benefits: British schooling more affordable for international students
Should teachers teach? Resilience – are you a survivor? The ACT is the new SAT
UK government gives stronger indication on cutting student visas 5 things they didn’t tell you about…..exams How easily understood are you?
Students turning away from UK universities as rules kick in Higher Education Policy Institute [HEPI] estimates GBP 2 billion potential loss for UK Getting away from the lecture
Story telling – a valuable pastime Stamford American School Hong Kong Does it matter which university you study at?
I think I chose the wrong course. What do I do? Long lasting effects The darker side of machine learning
UK student visa update Not too old for school – why adults retake A-levels Blended learning online – helping students prepare for 21st century work
Is it worth considering the student satisfaction rating when choosing a university? Overcoming stigma with online study Nervous habits and interviews
Why students who do well in high school bomb in college Behind the scenes Are degrees worth it? Part 4 – it depends
Are degrees worth it? Part 3 – The impact of cost Are degrees worth it? Part 2 – cost breakdown Are degrees worth it? Part 1
Finally – Flexible course choice at UK universities UK university fees update Uncertainty order of the day for post-Brexit Britain
What can the Government do to improve Private Housing Affordability for Hong Kong Citizens? Newsflash: Initial IB Diploma results If you take one English test, take this one
ITS launches BTEC HND in Business ESF introduces non-refundable capital levy (NCL) for new students How To Survive School Admissions in Hong Kong
EtonHouse International Pre-School Hong Kong ESF Applications for 2014-2015 Entry GCSE trends give important lesson
Oxford prep pays Applications Process for 2013-2014 Academic Year ITS Education Asia supports HK rugby
Creative Writing at ITS TOEFL vs IELTS: The Complete Breakdown The Application Process Part 1
ESF Subvention Update ITS Educational Services and Baby Bloom partner School Entrance Test Preparation
Geo Education Centre School Interview Preparation Tips A-levels. Why reform?
ESF announces new admissions policy Educated Decisions – Housing over Schooling Using LinkedIn to Establish your Career
What do you need to succeed? The challenge facing you as a university graduate in establishing your career New Schools For Hong Kong Students Marlborough College Malaysia – opens in September 2012
Finding a School in Singapore – Family Story British University Joins US College Application System The Death of an Author
Love reading, hate literature? University of Oxford Interview Workshops Ghost Writers: a Strange Phenomenon
Not a Bitter Pill to Swallow – tablet Computers A-level English Language Hong Kong’s Lyric Theatre plays host to Bridge Project’s Richard III
Celebrity Tutors Futurist Dies but Leaves Lasting Literary Legacy Applying for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge
Group classes for Young Learners in English Are you encouraging your child to hate reading? The Lack Of International School Places In Hong Kong
An introduction to the UK’s newest university New school doors open in Sai Kung 2013 ITS & JetOne launch a raft of training pathways in aviation
Real books or e-books Reading the Winners English Language Testing Systems
A-levels crucial Results IGCSE boost
More on fees…. Tailored Education Growing Universities
Making the Grade UK Student Visa rule change SEN – keeping the focus on those who need it
To What Degree? cont. To What Degree? HKDSE for UK Universities
Relief for UK Language Schools Increased Competition Sn-hubbed
Private schooling in the UK – Beware impending fee rises The Cost of Efficient Robotic Teachers Why study economics?
Rise in School Fees in Hong Kong HKDSE has now gained recognition by UCAS School Choices for Expatriate Families in Hong Kong
Special Needs Schools in Hong Kong Reading and Studying the “classics’ of English Literature School-based Assessment (SBA) in Hong Kong
The Bilingual Hong Kong Schools Guide Options for an International Education New Learning Support Centre for Special-Needs in Hong Kong
A rise in applications for International Schools Why study Geography? How is Latin useful in the Modern World?
How to help your child move schools during the world-wide financial crisis. Raising funds for a new business – The alternatives Body language … how body language can improve your communication
How much is an education worth? Reason for the decline of English in Hong Kong Does size matter?
A new system – the IB The gifted and early university entrance  


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