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Welcome to ITS Tutorial School's comprehensive source of mathematical definitions.

With over 2000 terms defined, this dictionary is ideal for supporting students who are studying mathematics or related subjects. All terms in our dictionary are cross-referenced and linked for ease of use, making finding information quick and easy.

The definitions of terms and concepts included within our dictionary include the majority of words that students will come across when studying mathematics at secondary school. First year undergraduates may also find it a useful reference point for topic areas that they did not cover at secondary school.

The Mathematics Dictionary & Glossary for students resource is the fifth in a series of dictionaries/glossaries produced by ITS Tutorial School. All of these dictionaries / glossaries have been specifically developed in order to provide a comprehensive source of subject specific definitions for students and teachers. All the terms in this dictionary have been written with the emphasis being on precise definitions and explanations that students can use in their study. In addition as terms are cross-linked, students are given clear explanations of the definition or concept they are checking.

ITS is the copyright holder of this dictionary. However, we welcome use of our dictionary subject to the following:

You may print definitions for your own use as a student or teacher without ITS permission; however, the print-outs MUST give our URL as the source.

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If you have a term you think we should add to our dictionary / glossary, send us an email ITS. We also welcome your questions or comments. If you would like to add a term to this dictionary / glossary either send us your definition or request that we define the term for you.

This resource was developed by: ITS Tutorial School

The dictionary's content was edited by:
Henry Halliday: B.Sc Hons Maths, Bristol, UK and Ronald Lau: ,M.A., Cambridge.; C.A.S.M., Cambridge.


Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas
Albert Einstein

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