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Online learning brings school to you, whether you live in a remote area, have restricted school choice nearby, have mobility issues, or simply prefer the home-schooling option but would like teacher support. You may be a family that moves a lot and has to swap schools frequently - with ITS online you never have to change school again, we are always here for you.

However, most online learning is distance learning – it is unsupported by real teachers, you have to read the material and work it all out for yourself. Studies show this is not effective learning (read a Financial Times article on this subject). The ITS online school thoroughly overcomes this objection with its high percentage of live classes and consistent offline supervision and support framework. Teachers make all the difference.

Read a letter from our Executive Principal of the ITS Online School, Albert Ma.

ITS provides online classes and support for:

  • GCE and International A-level
  • International GCSE
  • IB tutorial support
  • BTEC HND in Business
  • SAT/AP classes and tutorial support
  • University entrance, UCAS Support, strategies and applications
  • Language tuition
  • ITS works with other education providers to allow them to expand their range of subjects and services.

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ITS online school uses a customised version of Pearson Learning Studio.

online with ITS

ITS is not a distance learning model, it is a full school providing face-to-face live teaching through a bespoke online platform which provides an amazing virtual classroom. Students enrolled with ITS receive personalized live lessons and a full range of back support materials. Reports, parent/teacher conferences, classroom exercises and coursework are all included. This is school like any other, it is just online. Students remain actively engaged in learning activities such as solving problems under the teacher’s supervision, or controlling a simulation installed on the teacher's computer. The end results are the internationally recognized UK BTEC HND in Business, International A-level, or International GCSE qualifications, widely used for entrance into top universities around the world. Online learners can come to their nearest ITS school to sit the exams or have ITS find them a local registered centre. ITS is a registered UCAS centre for students wishing to go to degree programmes in the UK. Students completing the BTEC HND will have achieved credits to the second year of a UK bachelor degree and can apply for a wide variety of one year top-up courses to complete a full UK bachelors.

EdExcelITS is Edexcel Academic Centre number 92885

ITS is UCAS Centre number S45903

BTEC ITS is BTEC Centre number 92252

Cambridge ATSITS is Cambridge ATS Centre number HK109


ITS offers:

  • a proven track record and expertise in teaching
  • flexible schedules for classes
  • access to all learning resources
  • access to over 70 qualified teachers
  • competitive pricing options

ITS also offers live online learning support for a wide variety of other syllabuses and qualifications, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the SAT. ITS provides an easy and flexible alternative to attend school. We can help design an appropriate programme for individuals to achieve their goals. ITS also provides a range of other services such as academic career counseling to help students gain access to the university of their choice.

ITS online school provides the following to its students/parents:

Online IGCSE
  • one-to-one live lessons
  • access to live classes in certain subjects
  • personalised school account to access subject resources at any time
  • regular feedback and reports to parents
  • a venue for sitting exams
  • the ability to take subjects with coursework options
  • access to UCAS with full support
  • access to US university application support

These online classes are ideal for:

  • students aiming to go to a UK or US university
  • students studying the IB who wish to add an additional subject to improve their UCAS score/academic portfolio
  • students studying a BTEC level three who wish to add an additional subject at A-level to improve their UCAS score/academic portfolio
  • students studying any other national curriculum who wish to add an additional subject to improve their UCAS score/academic portfolio
  • post-compulsory school age students not enrolled in other full-time secondary schools
  • students wishing to start a UK degree-level programme from home (using the ITS BTEC HND in Business)
  • learners who cannot access other institutions to complete their International GCSE or UK GCE/International A-levels
  • children of families who move location regularly
  • children of families needing an affordable alternative to boarding school
  • adult learners wishing to enhance/change their career or gain admission to university courses

ITS can help you achieve an essential qualification, change your career or learn something new.

To start? Browse the menu choices at the top of this page for all of the information you need about online learning with ITS and to choose your qualifications and subjects.

If you need help our teachers are available to offer advice and guidance to help you choose the right online learning course.

At ITS we are experienced in working with other education providers to expand the range of senior schooling options that they can provide their clientele. We deliver this both physically and through online options. Schools and other providers please visit this link for further information on how ITS can work for you.

See what our students say.

To find out more information about the online platform visit: Pearson Learning Solutions

This link gives a list of some of the major academic institutions who use Pearson learning Studio to deliver courses: Pearson Case Studies

Visit our International GCSE/GCE/International A-level FAQ page
Information about GCE/International A-levels
Information about International GCSE
Information about BTEC HND in Business

For more information please call +852 2116 3916 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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