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A-level English Literature

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Why choose Edexcel International A-level English Literature?

This course aims to give you the skills to:

  • develop a critical approach to engaging with and responding to a wide variety of texts
  • understand the connection between theories and experiments
  • become an independent learner and a critical thinker
  • develop and apply knowledge of literary analysis & evaluation
  • engage in independent study to improve your appreciation and understanding of English literature

This qualification is 100% externally assessed by examination and has a modular structure, with 2 exam sessions each year in January and May/June (not all subjects are available in each exam session. Please see a full exam schedule here). A table of the course structure can be found at the bottom of the page.

Why take this online course with ITS?

  • Value for money – our entry level is FREE.
  • Easy accessibility – all you need is a broadband connection.
  • Flexible learning – choose when, where and how you learn.
  • Individualized for YOU – pick and choose from our add on services according to your needs.
  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers – the course is the same that runs in our registered schools.
  • Latest specifications – we are an official centre for this qualification.
  • Full support services – our counsellors can guide you through the course and on to the next step.
  • This course is somewhat similar to a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). However, with ITS Education Asia you can ultimately get an official A-level qualification and have the option to access greater levels of support.
  • The course content may be relevant to a variety of exams (IB, AQA, OCR, CIE) and school study. See the unit description for more detail on the content.

What are the prerequisites of this course?

There are no prerequisites, but an I/GCSE qualification in English Literature may be useful.

What can I do with an A-level in English Literature?

You can go on to university courses like an honours degree in English Literature or related subjects, or choose to enter employment.

The skills learned by studying English Literature are relevant to many careers, such as digital copywriter, editorial assistant, English as a foreign language teacher, lexicographer, magazine journalist, newspaper journalist, publishing copy-editor/proofreader or writer.

For more information on specific university requirements related to A-levels, please see our A-levels FAQ page.

For more information on applying to UK universities, see our UCAS page.

How is the course structured?

You can find the Edexcel course specification here.

The course consists of four units – two AS and two AL units.

Unit 1: Post- 2000 Poetry and Prose
Unit 2: Drama


Unit 3: Poetry and Prose
Unit 4: Shakespeare and Pre- 1900 Poetry

Assessment in January and June

  • External assessment: written examination
  • Each Unit – Total Marks: 50
  • Weighting: Each Unit is 25% of the total IAL marks
  • Examination time: Each Unit is 2 hours

Pearson Edexcel International A-levels Exam Timetable May-June 2018

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