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Taking your exams

Edexcel IGCSE & IAL

To gain your International GCSE or International A-level, you will need to sit exams for each subject you enrol in and often more than one paper per subject. ITS is Edexcel Academic Centre No. 92885 and dates for Edexcel exams can be found here: Exam Timetables UK Exam Boards.

Please see ITS Education Asia's 2017-2018 Exam Timetable here.

International GCSE exams are held in January and May/June. International A-level exams are held in January, June and October of each year.

Students can either come to Hong Kong to sit their exams at an ITS school or ITS can help find and organize an alternate venue. We will help you to decide the best option depending on factors such as which country you live in, which passport you hold, what your budget is, what time you have available and what other exam venues may exist near you.

Each course page will tell you about the assessment breakdown and any known extra fees, so you know what you need to do and pay to complete your qualification. As Edexcel is based in the UK, some fees are charged in GBP for example. ITS will ensure you know well in advance, which fees, in which currency need to be paid and when. Please note that Edexcel imposes late fees for examination entries received after certain cut-off dates. You must ensure you pay your fees on time to avoid any additional penalties. You cannot sit these official examinations unless you have paid the correct fee. ITS is not responsible for your failure to be awarded a qualification due to you not paying your fees. ITS will not pay fees on your behalf, until we have received the fee from you first.

UK University Entrance Exams

Many UK university courses now require applicants to take an entrance exam as part of their entry requirements. A number of these are run by Cambridge Admissions Testing Service (ATS). ITS is an official ATS centre (No: HK109) and runs both preparation courses and administers the examination in Hong Kong. Again, if you wish to sit these exams outside Hong Kong our counsellors will be able to give you guidance.

Other Exams
You may be taking a course with ITS for exams which are run by a separate organisation. If you have any questions about either the assessment or exam arrangements for the course (such as IELTS or SAT) you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do everything we can to help you enrol.

ITS Education Asia also offers a proctoring and inviligation service.

For more information please call (852) 2116-3916 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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