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Online School at ITS Education Asia

How the platform works

All lessons take place live, in a custom-made virtual learning environment.

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Lucinda Pike introduces ITS Education Asia's online learning platform


Danny Harrington explains how ITS' online school helps secondary students prepare for University.


Sue Smith explains how IAL, GCE and IGCSE exams help students get into university


Albert Ma demonstrates an economics lesson online


Mike Li (Director of US Admissions) demonstrates an online SAT class


As well as live teaching, students have access to learning materials, notes, assignments, quizzes, course schedules, teacher communication and course specifications at all times. A student's personal virtual learning environment will look something like this:

ITS Online Live

To find out more information about the online platform visit: Pearson Learning Solutions

This link gives a list of some of the major academic institutions who use Pearson learning Studio to deliver courses: Pearson Case Studies

For more information please call (852) 2116-3916 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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