International A-level: intensive short courses

International A Level Short Courses

Short, intensive A-level courses (20/301hours teaching plus exam practice) starting at $1080 per subject2

Take this course if you:

  • are a home-schooler looking for course overview and final exam prep from a specialist subject teacher.
  • are an A-level student needing to re-sit all or part of your examinations.
  • are a student doing a different syllabus who wants to add an A-level qualification in one or more of your current subject areas.

Subjects available:

  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Maths 
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • English

ITS is a pioneer of intensive online A-level revision courses. We have been offering these short, exam-focused courses since 2009 at our physical schools. These courses are customised to be delivered through our tailored online-learning platform.

During the revision course you will:

  • receive useful exam tips and learn how to revise.
  • revise the more challenging aspects of the curriculum.
  • have an opportunity to ask questions on areas of concern.
  • benefit from helpful feedback and advice.
  • develop sound exam techniques and work with past papers.
  • stay focused and gain motivation from other students.
  • boost your overall confidence.
Course structure

All courses are structured around 5 lessons of 60 minutes per subject module. The course can then be tailored for individual students on request. A mock exam will be given and marked prior to the course starting and again on completion of course.

The courses run over a period of three months leading up to two exam sessions (October and/or January).

The next session starts late August for the October 2016 and/or January 2017 exam session.

Intensive A-level courses help.

These courses are designed to provide structure, revision, exam practice and support in one affordable package. Revision courses are popular for good reason - they work - and at between USD270 (group of two to six) to USD490 (individual one-to-one) per A-level module they represent fantastic value.

Although these courses cannot convert five terms of neglect into a grade A, they can make a major difference. There is no secret to how this is done. Intensive work with an enthusiastic and experienced teacher, focusing squarely on exams can fill important gaps, develop exam awareness, and can give plenty of past-paper practice.

Above all, it will get the revision process firmly under way and establish a real feeling of momentum and confidence.

Why ITS?

ITS is an official Pearson Qualifications International centre. This means we are authorised by Pearson, and therefore the UK government, to offer the Edexcel International A-level. You get all your teaching from our international teachers, and then you can either take your exams at an ITS school in Hong Kong or we will help you to find an official exam centre near you.

ITS is Edexcel Academic Centre No: 92885.

With courses run by highly-qualified, international subject specialists, ITS students get fantastic results. Using our live, online platform, a blended learning approach, and a FLIP Learning teaching method, ITS provides the very best and latest in 21st century learning.


Fee per A-level course module USD per student
One-to-one 490
Class of two to six 270


1. Humanities subjects normally consist of 4 modules (5 hours per module) Maths and Science subjects consist of 6 modules.
2. For a 4 unit A-level subject in a class of 2-6 students.
3. Textbook/s is/are additional.
4. Exam fees are additional.
5. Additional lessons are available where desired.

For more information please call +852 2116 3916 or fill out our online contact form. You may also drop us an email at [email protected].

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