International A-level (IAL)
- intensive short courses from USD270 per unit

International A Level Short Courses

Complete a full IAL course (3 subjects) from as little as USD3240

These courses are designed for students in a variety of circumstances such as:

  • homeschoolers who want to intensify their revision with professional subject teachers prior to the exams;
  • students needing to resit exams who do not want or need to repeat a full course;
  • students who have completed a similar syllabus and wish to use that learning to gain additional qualifications by getting an A-level in the same subject(s).

ITS is a pioneer of intensive online courses for the International A-levels. We have been offering these short, exam-focused courses since 2010 at our physical schools in Hong Kong. These courses have now been customised to be delivered through our  online learning platform.

During the revision course you will:

  • receive useful exam tips and learn how to revise
  • revise the more challenging aspects of curriculum subjects
  • have an opportunity to ask questions on areas of concern
  • benefit from helpful feedback and advice
  • develop sound exam techniques and work with past papers
  • stay focused and gain motivation from other students
  • boost your overall confidence

Course Structure
All courses are structured around five live, teacher-led lessons of 60 minutes per subject unit with two sessions per week for the duration of the course. You can join for whichever units you wish. Four module subjects run over 10 weeks and six module subjects run over 15 weeks. Each is geared to lead up to an exam session. A mock exam will be given and marked prior to the course starting and again on completion of course.

An intense revision course can be an effective way to kick-start the whole process of preparing for International A-level exams. The courses are designed to provide structure, revision, exam practice and support in one affordable package. Revision courses have grown considerably in popularity over the past ten years, for good reason - they work  and they are great value. Whether you are a student who is already up to pass standard and are looking towards As and Bs or someone who has completed similar material under another curriculum or just seeking an overall introduction to what is involved in a specific A-level subject these courses may be suitable for you.

Although these revision course cannot convert five terms of neglect into a grade A, it can make a major difference. There is no secret to how this is done. Intensive work with an individual or in a small group, focusing squarely on exams and lead by an enthusiastic and experienced teacher can fill important gaps, develop exam awareness, and allow plenty of past-paper practice and feedback on what examiners want.

Above all, it will get the revision process firmly under way and establish a real feeling of momentum and confidence.

Subjects available
Classes run in the following subjects [number of units in brackets]:

  • Accounting [2]
  • Biology [6]
  • Business Studies [4]
  • Chemistry [6]
  • Economics [4]
  • English [4]
  • Psychology [4]
  • History [4]
  • Mathematics [6]
  • Physics [6]


Note: There are no intensive classes leading into the January exam sessions. Students wishing to take their exams in January should contact us for one to one lessons.

Why ITS?
We teach a great deal of short, exam-focused courses, so our teachers are experienced and very effective in this sort of intensive work. See our teachers here.

You can see what students say about us here.

Fee per A-level course module
Class of two to six: USD270

Students can add one-to-one sessions at any time if they feel they would like additional support. These last one hour and cost USD98 each.


  • Humanities subjects normally consist of four modules (five hours per module), Maths and Science subjects consist of six modules.
  • Textbook/s is/are additional.
  • Exam fees are additional.
  • Additional lessons are available as and when desired.

For more information please call +852 2116 3916 or fill out our online contact form.

You may also drop us an email at [email protected].


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