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At ITS, we aim to provide an alternative educational system that would allow all interested learners to study with us. Sometimes, a student will need a bit of extra support before they can assimilate back into the mode of traditional learning. Every student is unique and they need a supportive and caring learning environment in order to excel. In addition, we recognize that some students learn better in a private class setting and our expert teachers are equipped to fulfill their academic needs.

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What is a private candidate? A private candidate is someone:

  1. who does not fit into the traditional school class style.
  2. who may have personal/ family problems that prevents them from studying at a school.
  3. who is forced to relocate and cannot find a school.
  4. who wishes to learn at an accelerated pace.
  5. who wishes to maintain their studies in between schools.
  6. who wishes to study extra IGCSE/ A level subjects to increase their chances for boarding schools/ universities or school transfers.
  7. who wishes to obtain a second chance in re-taking their high school qualifications in order to apply to better universities.

Method of learning

All of our classes are conducted 1 on 1. This ensures that each class is tailor-made to your child’s level. It allows the teacher to teach based on the child’s situation. If the child is feeling motivated, the teacher can teach at an accelerated pace. If the child is struggling with the material, the teacher can use alternative methods to ensure that the child will understand it before moving on.

This helps to create a sheltered, yet structured environment which children can learn to thrive and increase their confidence. There is minimal pressure from peers and homework assignments. The lessons can be conducted in person or via our interactive online platform.

Advantages of studying at ITS

  1. We incorporate a university styled class which motivates the students to take initiative on their own. The goal is to develop good learning and studying habits that would benefit them for life.
  2. We offer flexible times which is different from a rigid traditional school day. Students will not miss out on lessons as we can plan and re-schedule the lesson times.
  3. We offer exams under the Edexcel exam board. This allows students to validate their studies by working towards the IGCSE or International A level exams.
  4. We are also a registered UCAS Centre. This allows students to apply for their targeted UK universities and go through the same procedure like a traditional school.

Support System

We provide admission tests preparation along with university counselling guidance for all of our students. Our private candidates will be able to receive attentive services with our expert counsellors. This is different from a traditional school as we cater to all students. Often, the traditional schools will focus their efforts mainly on their top students to boost their university admission rate and statistics. As ITS is non-selective, we try our best to ensure that every private candidate needs are met.

Duration and fees involved

As an A level private candidate, you are billed at our standard rate per class per hour. The normal completion time is 2 years.

There are three main fees:

  • Class fees – these are billed at our standard hourly rate
  • Examination fees – these are billed according to your subject choices
  • University application fees – these are billed according to your preferred destination for university. We help our private candidates apply to HK, UK and USA universities.

Approximate study hours: 2 hours per subject per week. Around 24 to 32 hours a month.

As an IGCSE or pre examination private candidate, you are billed at a discounted rate per class per hour. This is because a regular student could take anywhere between 4 to 10 subjects with us. The normal completion time is 1 - 2 years.

  • Class fees – these are billed at discounted hourly rate; The approximate cost would be $15,000 to $18,000.
  • If fewer classes are required, then they would be billed at our standard rate.

Approximate study hours: 1.5 to 2 hours per subject per week. Around 40 to 50 hours a month.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting to speak to one of our admission experts, please contact us.

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