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Alistair Wan
Geography and Economics tutor

Qualifications: M.Sc. (LSE), B.A. (LSE)

Having graduated from LSE and obtained his BA Geography and MSc Urbanisation and Development, Alistair returned to Hong Kong and took a position at ITS. He also has a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu and pursues this passion during times when he is not tutoring.

On becoming a tutor:
I feel that we need to extend the passion and the importance of Geography to help encourage people to actively engage in current affairs and the problems we face in the world. This is best achieved by helping younger generations understand the world around them and the problems humanity faces.

The best part of teaching is when you realise students have the potential they just lack the confidence to express themselves in a large class room but as our relationship develops they become more comfortable to develop their thoughts.

I am also very interested in travelling and believe by broadening my horizons I am able to connect with different students more and able to provide real life examples and experiences I have to the theory in their textbooks.

A Geographer I look up to:
My dissertation advisor Prof. Sylvia Chant of the Gender Institute at LSE who travelled to very poor countries and documented their livelihood and the true struggles of women in those conditions. This sparked me to do my dissertation on gender.

An inspirational person:
My father who grew up in UK from a very young age and had very little English under his belt at that time but fought through it especially during times of racism and managed to establish himself enough to be able to put me through a good education as well.

Top tip to younger self:
Time management is the most important thing, do things in blocks and you will be less overwhelmed when crunch time comes in exam season. Do notes after every unit to consolidate your learning.


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