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Antonio Baro
Spanish teacher

Qualifications: B.Sc.

Antonio has a Bachelor degree in Chemistry (University of Barcelona). He studied English, French, Italian and German during and after his university studies. He worked in a Pharmaceutical laboratory for 5 years and as a Secondary School teacher in Spain for 17 years. Later he moved to HK to teach Spanish Language. He has taught at ITS for 6 years.

An inspirational person:
Isaac Asimov. He was a teacher of biochemistry in the Boston University and wrote many famous science-fiction novels. But at the same time he was a popular science writer: he wrote many books about different aspects of science with an easy language to make them accessible to the general public.

Stephen Hawking who is a famous theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist. In 1963 doctors diagnosed him with having ALS sclerosis and gave him a life expectancy of two years. Even though he was confined since then to a wheelchair, he didn’t surrender and he has continued to work and make new discoveries in Physics up to now.

And finally, Ludwik L. Zamenhoff who, impulsed by the idea of a world without war, created a constructed language: the Esperanto. He thought this new international language could help to communicate and lead to a better mutual understanding among the different nations and cultures in the whole world.

Top tips to younger self:

a) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes: risks nothing, gets nothing. But try to discover where and why you failed, then you’ll be able to avoid them in the future. I usually learn more from my failures than my successes.

b) Studying a foreign language is like learning how to dance rock and roll, salsa, tango or any dance style. If you attend one hour lesson, you need at least 2 or 3 hours more of practice, otherwise you`ll forget most of it by the time of your next lesson.

c) Remember that a slow learner but hard working student normally will go further than a cleverer but lazy one.


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