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Jim Kapernaros
English teacher

Qualifications: M. Ed., B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed., Grad.Dip.Arts

Jim has many years of teaching experience in a variety of secondary schools in Hong Kong and Australia. Prior to joining ITS, he was involved in development of curriculum and is an honorary lecturer at universities across the world. At ITS, Jim teaches English Language and English Literature at all levels including GCSE, A-Level and IB.

On becoming a teacher:
I decided to pursue a career in teaching, specifically Language as a tool of Communication and Access, because of my background. Coming from a migrant working class background I noticed that language was a crucial part of life. Language is a prime determining factor in all facets of life that determine ‘inclusion’ or ‘exclusion’. I constantly met people that were intelligent, talented and hard working but lacked the accepted ‘common’ language or accent or background and so were not given the opportunity to employ their abilities. Language is the key. The satisfaction you get is another very important emotion. Looking into a student’s eyes when it suddenly all makes sense and they know what to do next.

How my life enhances my teaching:
I enjoy all forms of human communication from music to art, in fact all forms of creative expression. I particularly enjoy music.

Admirable people:
Firstly, I will mention my old woodwork teacher from Secondary School, Mr. MacDonald. Taught and showed me that you learn and understand the world by using all your senses but, “You appreciate life and the world only from the creation of something that adds to others lives”.

Noam Chomsky made sense to me with his Language Acquisition Theory and also because of his active involvement in the social, political and human sphere.

These two people were and still remain important to me because the person and the profession are not two separate things.

Favourite inspiring person:
Nelson Mandela is a man who amazed me. He spent so many years in prison because of his beliefs and when he finally was allowed to engage in the political system in his country he showed no bitterness or desire for revenge. He is a person who epitomizes what a leader should be. Plus he said:

Top tip to my younger self:
Never overestimate others and don’t underestimate yourself.


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