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Juliet Ide
English teacher

Qualifications: BA in English, Wesleyan University, MA in Religion, Yale Divinity School Teaching Certification in English, The College of New Jersey

For over a decade in the US, Italy, the UK, and Hong Kong, Juliet has taught English, Theory of Knowledge/Philosophy, Religion and been a Guidance Counselor in private and international schools. She began her BA in English in Canada at King's College (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and completed that degree in the US at Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut). To grow further both academically and personally, she then attended graduate school for her MA in Religion at Yale Divinity School.

invigilationOn becoming a teacher:
I love learning and education, and have many teachers and professors in my family. I like sharing and growing with my students as I encourage curiosity and interest in the subject and related skills. Singing in a choir as well as attending cultural events keep engaged as me a life-long learner which I feel is very important to all teachers – to teach effectively we must remain learners ourselves.

Admirable and inspiring writers:
I admire the poet Emily Dickinson because of her level of insight combined with her creative, playful expression. I was awarded a federal grant for educators to study her though a program held at her former home in Amherst, Massachusetts. We used her practices and lines of her work to inspire our own writing and teaching.

Charles Dickens I find inspirational for his ability to create remarkable characters who reveal and satirize an oppressive society. Equally impressive is Dickens' dedication to reforming that same society through his many hopeful characters who weather that world just as he himself did.

Top tip to younger self:
"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." – Leonard Cohen, Singer and Poet


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