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Matthew Trethewey
Business Studies & Economics teacher
Certified Professional Coach & Certified Success Trainer

Qualifications: B.A. (Hons), PGCE

Matthew is a qualified teacher of Business Studies and Economics. He graduated with BA (Hons) Business Studies from The University of Plymouth and PGCE Business Education from Nottingham Trent University. He has worked in three different schools, one in the U.K. and two here in Hong Kong. He teaches IGCSE Business Studies and Economics, GCE A-Level Business Studies and Economics, and IB Business and Management and Economics. Matthew is also a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Success Trainer, and in addition to teaching he provides professional coaching sessions to individuals and success training to groups. He joined ITS in 2017.

On becoming a teacher:
I enjoy working with people and making a difference in their lives. I'm passionate about the subjects I teach, and I enjoy explaining their theories and workings. I love inspiring people too. When a student acknowledges you for helping them and for changing their beliefs about what’s possible, you get a huge surge of satisfaction.

I'm an ultra-runner and cyclist, and I love adventurous challenges that push my limits. These interests reflect my traits of being a risk-taker, self-confident, determined, self-motivated and resilient. I hope these qualities benefit my students.

What do you most enjoy about teaching?
Working collaboratively with students to accomplish goals.

An admirable person:
Richard Branson: he's an adventurer, a successful businessman and a humble person rolled into one. My hero.

An inspirational person:
Nelson Mandela. Even after 27 years in prison, he emerged without bitterness towards his captors and continued fighting for his beliefs. My inspiration.

Top tip to my younger self:
Take more risks. We don't learn anything by staying in our comfort zone. We only grow and develop by facing our fears and doing what makes us feel uncomfortable.

Matthew's Training Courses

Course Title:
Career & Personal Success Course: “Breakthrough your barriers and fulfil your potential.”

July 9th - July 13th (Monday through Friday) (Central)
10am - 1pm
August 18th - September 15th (Saturdays) (Central)
2pm - 5pm

HKD5000 (Special Offer)
HKD7500 (Normal Price)

Target Audience:
15-20 years old (IGCSE, GCE A-Level, IB, BTEC students, 1st Year Undergraduates)

A Certificate of Completion will be given to all students who attend all seven modules and pass an assessment.

Is This Course Right For Me?
• Do you want to own your power and take back control of your life?
• Do you want to choose a study and career path that is right for you?
• Do you want to earn more money, enjoy better relationships, improve your health and fitness, and gain more free time and recreation in your life?
• Do you want to improve your self-belief and self-confidence?
• Do you want to create your ideal future?
• Do you want to overcome your fears and limits?
• Do you want to become more focused and resilient?
• Do you want to fulfil your potential?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this course is for you!

Course Modules:
1: Take Full Responsibility For Your Life
2. Decide What You Want
3. Believe It's Possible & Believe In Yourself
4. Goal Setting, Affirmations & Visualisation
5. Overcome Fears & Limits
6. Take Action & Reject Rejection
7. Using Feedback & Reflection

Please contact us for a free workshop with Matthew:

June 28th (Thursday) (Central)
6pm - 8pm

1. Take Full Responsibility for Your Life
The aim of “Take Full Responsibility For Your Life” is to get you out of blaming and complaining and into consciously creating the life you desire. It can only happen if you are willing to take full responsibility for your results.

Three experiential exercises are included to teach this concept. 
- Event + Response = Outcome (E+R=O) 
- Responsibility Sentence Stems
- "Have To" vs "Choose To."

July 5th (Thursday) (Central)
6pm - 8pm

2. Overcome Fears & Limits
The aim of “Overcome Fears and Limits” is to challenge and overcome the fearful thoughts and limiting beliefs that stop you from taking the necessary steps to achieve your dreams.

Three experiential exercises are included to teach this concept. 
- Inquiry: The Four Questions & Turnaround 
- The "I Scare Myself By Imagining..." Exercise
- Scale Down The Fear & Take Acton Exercise


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