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Romain P.L.
Business Studies & Economics teacher

Qualifications: MBA (ESSEC, France): BBA (SEM, Tong Ji University, PR China)

During the first 10 years of his professional life, Romain was involved in the global business world. First as a commodities trader, then as an entrepreneur in properties and hospitality, he experienced successes as well as failures during this enriching journey. Recently he took on the challenge to complete a law degree, which is currently in process. He is also a court interpreter in Hong Kong dealing with English and French language. It is a high-pressure duty, as it is always a must to be accurate, fast and precise; plus: it is open to public scrutiny.

On becoming a teacher:

I find the process of learning extremely interesting and enjoy being active on both ends of the spectrum, as a learner and as a teacher. Being an experienced learner helps teaching, and being a teacher helps gaining a different view on learners and learning process.

I enjoy witnessing student’s improvements. Helping and seeing students achieve learning goals is very satisfying. Having a positive impact on a student’s learning curve is a wonderful feeling too.

I am also into coaching, acting and sports. I am very active in all these three activities. It taught me a lot and a helped in making me a better teacher in various ways. Coaching a sport team of youngsters helps with class management skills. Being an actor in various settings helps overcoming shyness and building self-assurance which is essential for a teacher. Lastly, being an active sportsman helps maintaining a healthy mind within a healthy body.

Top tip to younger self:

To listen to your own self when it comes to your own dreams and objectives. There are many people who would put you down and make you believe you can’t achieve. As long as your objective is legal and morally sound, you should go for it no matter what and work on developing your skills.


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