The Unique Asia Schools Guide

An exclusive guide on how to navigate the education systems in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Bangkok, Beijing and Shanghai.

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An exclusive guide on how to navigate the international education systems in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Bangkok, Beijing, and Shanghai

The 7TH Edition of the Unique Asia Schools Guide (UASG) includes communicative, interesting, and informative articles written by teachers, parents, education professionals, and other experts. The UASG offers news and photos direct from schools as well as reviews from parents. The reviews give valuable information and can be used alongside our research on which schools are the best for your child.

The UASG is the perfect one-stop-shop for school information.

If you really want the inside-track on the school application process and what each school offers, this Guide is the answer to all your questions. We offer expert help and advice on a range of educational issues, including:

  • Comprehensive introductions to schooling options from preschool to secondary
  • Detailed information on school admissions policies & entrance assessments
  • Boarding schools options in China, Singapore, Johor, KL & Bangkok
  • School exam results by subject and performance.
  • Comparison of schools academics and facilities
  • School Profiles on primary & secondary schools

We Review……We Investigate…..We Consult……..We Deliver ……We Advise

With this Guide, you will be able to identify the most suitable school for your child, and be offered advice for every step - from first thoughts to final decisions.


What do our readers say?

"Comprehensive and well written, it makes a great starting point for parents trying to understand schools in Hong Kong."
The Standard, Hong Kong, November 2009

"It's crucial that from day one parents seek comprehensive help like that in the Schools Guide, which explains the reality of how the education system works in Singapore."
Wen Ting, relocated from Taiwan, July 2010

"Over 90% of our time and energy has been spent on finding the right school, and it totally consumed us at first; but the Unique Schools Guide made it much easier on us with its detailed breakdown of each school."
Scott, relocated from Australia, June 2011

“The Unique School Guide is the MUST have book to put you on the right direction when you start your school search. This book has given me very helpful insight into the different schools, applications and more importantly which school is right for my kid.”
Brook Babington

"ITS and the HK Schools' Guide has been a key partner in educating our readers about the ins and outs of navigating the education systems in Hong Kong and Singapore. They are current, understand the markets, and are always looking at ways to better bridge the information gap between schools and parents"

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