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The Unique Asia Schools Guide helps parents in every aspect of choosing the best education for their children.

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Now in its 9th Year, The Unique Asia Schools Guide (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore & Malaysia) is the ultimate guide to the most popular schools in these regions.

Every year our experienced writers and researchers dig deeper and deeper to make a realistic assessment of the international scene in some of Asia's most popular cities for expatriate families.

Every school we feature is unique. There are good schools, remarkable schools, elite schools - but we help you with your search for the ‘right fit’ school. Every year, it is our ultimate goal, to make each edition different and special. Our researchers visit schools, meet with staff, analyze exam results, check out sports and arts provisions and analyse the costs.

The 2018 edition, contains the latest information about Nurseries, Preschools, Private and Bilingual Schools, Special Educational Needs and much, much more. 'THIS IS THE BIBLE FOR CHOOSING SCHOOLS'. The Unique Asia Schools Guide is not just GOOD.. IT IS THE BEST GUIDE FOR FINDING THE RIGHT SCHOOL

The Unique Asia Schools Guide is also an E-Book.

We have insightful articles on:

  • international school life
  • international education vs the local school system'
  • secondary studies and university access
  • curriculum choices
  • special educational needs
  • admission, assessments, and fees
  • new schools & expanding campuses

Comprehensive and well written, it makes a great starting point for parents trying to understand schools in Hong Kong.

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November 2009

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Schools Guide

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The Unique Asia Schools Guide E-Book

The e-book is fully interactive product, which means that you can:

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