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Students: Students Timetable - Central | Students Timetable - TST

When you open this, you will be able to use the user name and password to log in to the timetable. The user name is not case sensitive but it does need to be followed exactly, with the use of the comma. Once the username and password are entered click on the magnifying glass to get the timetable.

To view future weeks the password needs to be re-entered (If you have ‘remember passwords’ selected on your browser this will not be necessary).

All changes to the timetable, whether cancellations or bookings or re-arrangements will be done through the usual channels of emailing or calling the admin staff. The online version is purely for information purposes.

The timetable is updated at 6.00 pm every working day.  Please notify ITS immediately if you notice any errors on your timetable.

If you have any problems with the online timetable, please let us know.

The user name is entered in the GROUP FIELD:   

Smith, John   

(note: the comma must be entered and a space between the surname and first name).

The password is entered into the password field


 (Both the user name and password are not case sensitive)

Tutors: Tutors Timetable - Central | Tutors Timetable - TST


Your name should be entered surname then first name  with a space in between  ie 

Smith John     (no comma for tutors timetables)


Then enter your password. 


You need to re-enter your password to check each new week (note: If you have auto remeber passwords on your browser you should no need to do this). 

Case is not important for username or password.

When logged on to your weekly timetable clicking the lesson will tell you which student is booked for that slot.

These timetables are updated every evening at 6.00 pm with our latest versions.

Tutors Timetable - Central | Students Timetable - Central

Tutors Timetable - TST | Students Timetable - TST


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