UCAS Packages and Support

ITS offers a comprehensive package of services to help students with their UCAS applications.

ITS is a fully accredited UCAS centre (No: S45903)UCAS

The package includes:

- Up to 3 hours of personal statement writing
- writing of the reference
- submission of the application (including the application fee),
- monitoring of the application
- subsequent advice regarding offers

Cost: HKD9,500 (USD$1,250) - A discount of HK$500 (USD$60) will be offered for students either a) Sitting their A-level exams at ITS or b) Taking tuition with ITS (minimum 5 lessons).

One-to-one support on a hourly basis is also available from ITS at a per hour charge

Oxbridge applications with ITS

What is the UCAS Tariff?

The UCAS tariff allocates points to  qualifications used to enter higher education, and allows you to use a range of qualifications to obtain a place on an undergraduate course.  Qualifications are accepted from all over the world, and allocated points based on equivalency. Different levels on any given qualification attract different amounts of tariff points.

The UCAS tariff enables universities and colleges to compare applicants with different applications and is an important factor in entry requirements, although other factors are also taken into consideration.

How is the Tariff used in higher education?

The UCAS Tariff provides universities and colleges with a measure for making decisions regarding entry requirements to their courses.

It is common for entry requirements and conditional offers using Tariff points to require a minimum level of achievement, sometimes  in a specified subject. For example, "300 points to include grade A at A-level Mathematics".

The actual use of the UCAS Tariff  can vary between departments in any one university or college, and can also depend on the type of programme being applied for.

UCAS Tariff points are awarded for a wide range of qualifications, including BTEC National Award, Key Skills at levels 2, 3 and 4, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. There is no maximum limit to the number of points that can be accumulated.

Although your qualifications may give you UCAS Tariff points, having the required amount  does not guarantee a place on your preferred course, as other factors are also considered.

If your qualifications do not attract UCAS Tariff points, there is still a chance you can get accepted on to your chosen course.  UCAS Tariff are not used by all universities and colleges for making offers to prospective students, so if you feel there might be a question mark over your success with an application due to your qualification, contact the relevant university admissions office.

How do I find out how many points my qualifications are worth?

To see the number of points each of your qualifications are worth, consult the UCAS Tariff tables on the UCAS website.

FAQs about UCAS from UCAS website

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