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Rustic Pathways

rp4ITS Education Asia is renowned for developing students’ academic potential. But did you know that we achieve this not just through our work in the classroom but by teaming up with global experts in a range of camp and excursion activities so that students get plenty of opportunity for fuller development? We firmly believe that outdoor education, service learning, overseas travel and camp experiences add immeasurably to the development of young minds and personalities and, from these things come better academic experiences.


Rustic Pathways draws together education, travel, and philanthropy. They aim to provide life-changing educational experiences for students and use travel and philanthropy as a means to achieve sustainable development in the places they visit. They also have an outstanding safety record through having years of experience and establishing the very strictest risk management procedures.

Rustic Pathways is the leader in providing superior quality international community service, education, and adventure programs for students. We offer one to three- week spring break and summer experiences, Gap Year programs, and custom group trips in 18 different countries. Each program is carefully designed to help students make meaning of their travel experiences, identify interests and passions, gain confidence, and grow as individuals. Across the globe, we employ local staff and foster lasting relationships with the communities in which we work, enabling our students to have immersive and authentic travel and service experiences.

Joining a Rustic Pathways program opens opportunities for students to gain:

  • openness to new ideas and experiences
  • a sense of wonderment
  • a connection to a shared humanity
  • a desire to positively impact the lives of others
  • empathy
  • self-awareness
  • humility
  • grit
  • independence
  • intercultural competence

In addition to students gaining, local communities gain as well, supporting local economies and minimizing environmental footprint as they travel. Rustic Pathways works with locally owned tourism ventures off the beaten path, buys goods from local businesses, and employs a wide range of staff from the destinations. Students learn how to travel responsibly and actively support community initiatives in the places we visit.

rp2 Rustic Pathways has a global team and employs staff from their destinations in a range of positions and invests in professional development to support all team members in achieving their goals and building skills to take on leaderships roles.

Rustic Pathways is committed to making life-changing opportunities possible for students worldwide. They offer over 100 scholarships annually including their Service Scholarship based on financial need, a By Invitation Only program, and merit based Gap Year Ambassador Scholarships.

Programs help fund community projects across five core areas: Education, Infrastructure, Economic Development, Environment, Community Health and Social Services. Rustic Pathways students play an active role in implementing projects with community members through our community service programs. Projects are developed through extensive collaboration with local partners.

The Rustic Pathways Foundation is a registered charity in the US which supports communities in their efforts to implement locally driven, sustainable solutions to development challenges. The Foundation enables students and alumni to support communities around the world through fundraising and direct donations. It works with local partners to identify community-prioritized development initiatives, and leverage the passion and generosity of the Rustic Pathways community to support the projects. Rustic Pathways supports the administrative costs of the Foundation, enabling one hundred percent of donations to go directly to projects on the ground.

To learn more about a Rustic Pathways program please submit an enquiry here

These programs are provided by Rustic Pathways. ITS is acting as an introducer and does not take any payment for these programs and has no involvement in the running of these programs. You are responsible for your own travel arrangements to the program location. Rustic Pathways is responsible for all aspects of the program you join. ITS gives no guarantees nor accepts any liability whatsoever in respect to these programs.

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