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During a school search, it’s important to visit multiple schools, and explore different learning environments - but more importantly to check with other parents about their choices and personal experiences.

Read on for interesting insights about parents’ school choices.

Canadian International School


“We were initially looking for a school with some more space (in and outdoors), even though our son was still quite young (only 3yrs old) when we decided to move from his smaller school in Newton. We found the Lakeside campus had been recently renovated and were impressed by the facilities. It also felt very warm and inviting, there were lots of the students creative work pinned up around the classrooms. We also noticed the really nice breakout areas for the children where they could play and learn – it felt like an inspiring environment for kids. Being an IB school was also something that was attractive. For the past three years our son has been in the bi-lingual programme and we are very happy. The approach to learning Chinese is done in a way that is simple, yet efficient for the children to learn effectively and at their level/ pace. The language program has become one of our sons’ favorite areas of study and has enjoyed participating in the national Chinese language competitions with the school, which they have gone on to win multiple times over the last few years.” – Chris and Masae Gurney, parents of Senan Gurney

GEMS World Academy


We’ve lived in Singapore since June 2016 and all three of our children are attending GEMS World Academy (Singapore). It is an honour and pleasure to be part of the GEMS (Singapore) community. Our family was immediately welcomed with open arms by the faculty and staff who made the transition for our three children seamless. Moving to another country and changing schools is always challenging and families must be ready for the unexpected. The school, faculty and facility are amazing and we are grateful we made the best choice for our family to join an environment of respect, transparency, and engagement. The school is a great asset to the community and is always supportive of our family and our children’s goals and aspirations.

Elena Wolf


"GESS brings many nations together under the same roof. It is a contemporary school that is open to new methods and approaches, successfully integrating technological means in daily studies. Its sense of social duty is rather high and there are a number of social projects throughout the academic year that widely involve GESS students, thereby sensitising pupils to social topics around the world. Both of my children have also become more self-confident. They are motivated to learn English. And of the special highlights for them is the wind instrument class, which has sensitised my daughter to the importance of team work." - Elena Wolf, Parent of 2 Children in GESS

Stamford American International School


Erica and Trevor Parra

"The emphasis at SAS is both on academic and extracurricular activities, at a pace that is tailored for the students, within a culture that promotes possibilities. The open communication with the teachers, easy access to the support of the counselors backed by the vision of the administration and programs offered, has allowed our boys to flourish in an environment that fosters making choices to match their interests. All this provides a solid foundation for the future and we are very proud to see how both our boys are developing into well rounded caring individuals." -Ritu Kapoor

Stamford American School Singapore
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