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'A complete and utter mess' - Year 13 students face rushed goodbyes and uncertainty over university as UK schools close

By ITS Education Asia

For many sixth formers their last day of school will take place prematurely on Friday. However, some students have even been deprived of this finality due to early closures amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The government’s announcement that all GCSE and A-level exams had been cancelled left teenagers feeling anxious and confused about whether they would progress into higher education this year.

Students waiting for further clarity on assessment feel like their hard work have gone to waste.

Speaking about closures and cancelled exams, Jamie Harkin, a student at Drumragh College in Tyrone in Northern Ireland, said “It is so difficult to come to terms with. It is just a complete and utter mess.”

The Year 13 student, who is hoping to study at King’s College London, said “It is just crazy to think that your whole two years of work is just gone in March 2020. We have got nothing to show for it.”

We at ChalkFace feel for all these students and hope that some clarity regarding their grades will be available soon.



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