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5 resume tips for teachers moving from the classroom to corporate

By ITS Education Asia

Here is a very interesting and informative article from Forbes magazine giving some advice for teachers seeking to make a switch from education to corporate. 

In the UK, according to The Guardian, around one in five teachers (18%) expect to leave the classroom in less than two years. Also, two-fifths of teachers, school leaders, and support staff want to quit in the next five years—blaming out of control workload pressures and excessive accountability.

The 5 tips are from Lynda Spiegel, who is a specialist in resumes and creating LinkedIn profiles:

  • Understand The Difference Between Academic And Corporate Resumes 
  • Leave Out Terms That Don’t Apply For A New Role
  • Focus On Transferable Skills
  • Turn Your Specialization Into A Corporate Asset
  • Don't Forget To List Software Competencies

A great read for teachers thinking of switching careers.


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