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An inside look at the innovative curriculum offered at EtonHouse in Singapore

By ITS Education Asia

EtonHouse International School Orchard is an innovative boutique campus located in the heart of the city. The school offers the renowned International Baccalaureate framework, including the PYP for Primary Years, a middle years approach culminating in the IGCSE in Year 11, and the IB Diploma Programme for Years 12 and 13 (subject to regulatory approvals).

Innovation in education can take lots of forms, like incorporating new IT programs or teaching methods, partnering with local universities or even personalised learning.

22nd Century Learning
The school emphasises 22nd Century Education, nurturing individuals with a growth mindset that prepares them for life beyond school. The school emphasises building skills to prepare students for the workforce. The learning spaces in the campus are created for student collaborations and innovation. Designed by students, the classrooms have interesting names such as Boardroom, Campfire and Mountain Top.

A Boutique School
As a city campus, the school is intentionally kept small. With a smaller student population, the school is able to curate lessons based on the students’ needs.

Flexible Curriculum
Taught over three years, the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum uses a project-based approach. Students can prioritise subjects and take their examinations earlier, and at the same time, have more time to focus on other subjects. Despite having only launched in 2018, the school has already delivered its first Cambridge IGCSE A* grade from a Year 9 student who was ranked in the top 3 percent globally.

SMART Programme
The school offers a SMART programme focusing on the subjects of Science, Maths, Art, Research and Technology. Students have access to programmes revolving around entrepreneurship, design thinking, sports science and action adventure, as well as a robust music, drama and visual arts programme.

Inspired by Google’s “20% Time” concept (working on ideas and projects that interest employees), students are tasked to curate their own SMART projects, with guidance from their mentors.


Unique Sports Programme
The school has a unique sports programme designed to help students develop fitness as a lifelong habit through to adulthood. Students are exposed to fitness concepts for a healthy lifestyle, as well as the science behind health and fitness.

Visit EtonHouse to learn more about the stimulating and innovative learning programs. 

URL: https://ehis.edu.sg/orchard/ 
Tel: + 65 6513 1155
Email: [email protected] 

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