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Beat your exam stress by running for success

By ITS Education Asia

Here is a novel way to help relieve exam stress, where students are being urged to swap their revision notes for trainers this exam season to help with stress.

As exams are approaching, England Athletics is launching its first #RunAndRevise scheme, which aims to encourage pupils to take a break from revision and support their mental health through running. The organisers believe that the campaign can be an opportunity for pupils to start talking about their mental health.

Adriana is a Year 10 student preparing for her mock exams, and joined her running club about six months ago.  She says "I've found running is a stress relief. It takes my mind off things and I enjoy it."

Dr Brendon Stubbs, of King's College London, said "Our research has shown that being more active can protect you from developing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression in the future.”

So if you are feeling the exam stress why not give it a try? Get fit and improve both your physical and mental health.

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